2003 Corvette Color Specifications

The following color code information is for some of the 2003 Corvette exterior and interior colors used (WA#, Paint Code and Stock Number) comes from DuPont.

Color Options
Exterior Color Codes
RPO Name Dupont Name WA# / Paint Code Stock Number
12U Quicksilver Metallic NA NA NA
21U Electron Blue Metallic Electron Blue Metallic Base Coat WA-779J / GM-21 P1953
40U Speedway White NA NA NA
41U Black Black Base Coat WA-8555 / GM-41 F0214
70U Torch Red Torch Red Base Coat WA-9075 / GM-70 B9008
79U Millennium Yellow Clear Coat Millennium Yellow Base Coat WA-423G / GM-79 M0413
88U Spiral Gray Metallic Medium Spiral Gray Pearl Metallic Base Coat WA-812K / GM-88 P4724
94U Anniversary Red Metallic Anniversary Red Pearl Metallic (Tintcoat) WA-820K / GM-94 P4727 / P4728
Note:  GM Part # for Anniversary Red Metallic Paint:  #12346639
Interior Color Codes
RPO Name Dupont Name MFR Code Stock Number
154 Shale Shale 15 / 149B C9505
193 Black NA NA NA
673 Light Oak Light Oak 65 / 101E C9854
NA NA Medium Dark Oak 67 / 102E C9855
703 Torch Red Torch Red 70 / 9936 C9309
903 Light Gray Pewter 109D C9701
Wheel Colors
Application Dupont Name MFR Code Stock Number
NA Bronze Metallic WA-163D F5502
50th Anniversary Light Warm Nickel Metallic WA-837K P4995
Z06 Light Gray Metallic WA-9789 B9203