1973 Corvette Tech Center

1973 Corvette

Mechanical Changes:

  • Longitudinal steel beam installed in each door
  • Pop-up wiper panel replaced by rear-hood extension
  • Standard radial tires
  • New coolant recovery system
  • New sound dampening material sprayed on inner panels, and noise-absorbing pad installed on inner-hood surface
  • New sound absorbing steel-sleeved rubber chassis mounts
  • New hood with cold air induction
  • Available aluminum wheels

Exterior Changes:

  • Single recessed scoop replaced "egg crate" styled side vents
  • Fixed rear window
  • New domed hood
  • body-colored urethane plastic front bumper replaces chrome bumper
  • New paint colors:  Silver, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Blue-Green, yellow, Metallic Yellow, Orange

Interior Changes:

  • No significant changes
"Zora Arkus-Duntov reckons the new Corvette to be the best ever, and after exhaustive testing of four different models, we're inclined to agree" - Car and Driver, December 1972
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1973 Corvette