1973 Corvette Production Numbers

Below is listing of 1973 Corvette production numbers and RPO codes.

Model Year Highlights:

  • Safety improvements for the 1973 model year included, redesigned front bumpers to meet 5-mph federal crash standards, and interior beams were added to the doors for increased side-impact protection.
  • A new coolant recover system that consisted of a holding tank which received high temperature overflow coolant for cooling where it would then return to the radiator.
  • Increased sound insulation was added to the 1973 model and the lifting windshield door panel at the base of the windshield was eliminated. A new cold air induction hood was introduced.
  • 1973 marks the first year that radial tires were used on a Corvette.
  • According to the "Corvette Black Book" by Mike Antonick, "4,000 serial numbers were never built. The last 1973 Corvette's serial number ends with 34,464, but production totaled 30,464. The unused VIN numbers were 24,001 through 28,000."

Available Options
RPO Description Price Production
19437 Base Coupe $5,561.50 25,521
19467 Base Convertible $5,398.50 4,943
A31 Power Windows $83 14,024
A85 Custom Shoulder Belts (std. w/ coupe) $41 788
C05 Top, Convertible (colors) NA NA
C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (Convert.) $267 1,328
C08 Vinyl Covering for Aux. Hardtop $62 323
C50 Rear Window Defroster $41 4,412
C60 Air Conditioning $452 21,578
J50 Power Brakes $46 24,168
LS4 454ci, 275hp Engine $250 4,412
L82 350ci, 250hp Engine $299 5,710
M20 4-speed manual transmission $0.00 NA
M21 4 Speed Manual, Close Ratio Transmission $0.00 3,704
M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission $0.00 17,927
N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column $82 17,949
NA Custom Interior Trim $154 13,434
N40 Power Steering $113 27,872
P02 Deluxe Wheel Cover $62 1,739
QRM White Stripe Steel Belted Tires, GR70x15 $32 19,903
QRN HWY-Radial - Blackwall, GR70x15 NA NA
QRZ White Letter Steel Belted Tires, GR70x15 $45 4,541
T60 Heavy Duty Battery (std. w/ LS4) $15 4,912
U58 AM/FM Radio Stereo $276 12,482
U69 AM/FM Radio $173 17,598
UF1 Rearview Mirror Map Light $5 8,186
YF5 California Emission Test $15 3,008
YJ8 Cast Aluminum Wheels (4) $175 4
Z07 Off Road Suspension and Brake Package $369 45
ZQ8 Rear Axle NA NA
ZQ9 Rear Axle - Economy ratios NA NA
NA Optional Rear Axle $12 1,791
Production:  Coupes: 25,521  Convertibles:  4,943  Total:  30,464

Color Options
Exterior/Interior Combinations
RPO Exterior Fisher WA Number Ditzler Code Rinshed Mason DuPont Interior Soft Top Production
910 Classic White NA NA NA NA B-DR-DS-MB-MS B/W NA
922 Medium Blue NA NA NA NA B-MB-MS B/W NA
927 Dark Blue NA NA NA NA B-DR-MB-MS B/W NA
945 Blue-Green NA NA NA NA B-DR-DS-MS B/W NA
947 Elkhart-Green NA NA NA NA B-MS B/W NA
952 Yellow NA NA NA NA B-DS-MB B/W NA
953 Metallic Yellow NA NA NA NA B-MB B/W NA
976 Mille Miglia Red NA NA NA NA B-DR-DS-MB-MS B/W NA
980 Orange NA NA NA NA B-MS-DS* B/W NA
We do have at least two reports of a 1973 owner with a 980 exterior and the 418 (dark saddle interior color combination).

Interior Color Codes
RPO Color Production
400 B/V NA
404 B/L NA
413 MB/V NA
415 MS/V NA
416 MS/L NA
418 DS/V NA
422 DS/L NA
425 DR/V NA
425 DB/L NA
Abbreviations:  B=Black, DR=Dark Red, DS=Dark Saddle, L=Leather, MB=Midnight Blue, MS=Medium Saddle, V=Vinyl, W=White

Notes:  According to the "Corvette Black Book" by Mike Antonick, exterior color production numbers are not available from Chevrolet and other color combinations were possible. As stated in the book: "It is believed however, that in a addition to the colors listed, about 30 cars were painted black at St. Louis assembly.