1973 Corvette Identification Numbers

Below is a listing of common identification numbers for the 1973 Corvette including engine block, head id, casting numbers and more..

Vehicle Identification Number
1Z37J3S500001 - 1Z37J3S434464 (coupe)
1Z67J3S500001 - 1Z67J3S434464 (convertible)
Digit Definition
1st Division:  1 = Chevrolet
2nd Series:  Z = Corvette
3rd/4th Body Style:  37 = 2-door coupe, 67 = 2-door convertible
5th Engine:  L48 - J, L82 - T, LS4 - Z
6th Model Year:  3 = 1973
7th Assembly Plant:  S = St. Louis, MO.
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 400001 - 434464
The VIN is located on a stamped plate attached to the left hand windshield pillar.

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
CKZ: 350ci, 190hp, (manual transmission)
CLA: 350ci, 190hp, (automatic transmission)
CLB: 350ci, 190hp, (California emissions, manual transmission)
CLC: 350ci, 190hp, (automatic transmission, California emissions)
CLD: 350ci, 250hp, (automatic transmission)
CLH: 350ci, 250hp, (automatic transmission, California emissions)
CLR: 350ci, 250hp, (manual transmission)
CLS: 350ci, 250hp (California emissions, manual transmission)
CWM: 454ci, 275hp (manual transmission)
CWR: 454ci, 275hp (automatic transmission)
CWS: 454ci, 275hp, (automatic transmission, California emissions)
CWT: 454ci, 275hp, (California emissions, manual transmission)

Block ID Numbers
3970010: 350ci, 190hp, 250hp
3999289: 454ci, 275hp

Head ID Numbers
353049: 454ci, 275hp
3998993: 350ci, 190hp
330545: 350ci, 250hp

Carburetor ID Numbers
Rochester Q-jet #7043200: 454ci, 275hp (automatic transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7043201: 454ci, 275hp (manual transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7043202: 350ci, 190hp (automatic transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #70435203: 350ci, 190hp (manual transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7043212: 350ci, 250hp (automatic transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7043213: 350ci, 250hp (manual transmission)

Distributor ID Numbers
1112098: 350ci, 190hp
1112114: 454ci, 275hp
1112130: 350ci, 250hp
1112150: 350ci, 250hp

Alternator ID Numbers
1100544: 350ci, 454ci engine equipped with air conditioning.
1100950: 350ci
1102353: 454ci

  • This is the first year that the Corvette did not come with a chrome front bumper. Front bumpers were redesigned to meet 5-mph federal crash standards.
  • The lifting windshield door panel at the base of the windshield was eliminated. A new cold air induction hood was introduced.
  • According to the "Corvette Black Book" by Mike Antonick, "4,000 serial numbers were never built. The last 1973 Corvette's serial number ends with 34,464, but production totaled 30,464. The unused VIN numbers were 24,001 through 28,000."
1973 Corvette Exterior Emblems Exterior Emblems:
  • Location Used:
    • front quarter panels (above side gill)
Click on picture for enlarged image. Trim Tag:
  • Description:  This contains factory ordered color and trim options.
  • Location:  The Trim Tag is located on the driver's door jamb below the windshield pillar post.
Click on picture for enlarged image. Manufacturer Label:
  • Description:  The vehicle manufacturer decal lists:
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Date of Manufacture
    • Front and rear tire sizes and related inflation pressures
    • Vehicle weight
  • Location:  Inside driver's side door.