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Mechanical Changes:

  • New Borg-Warner Super T-10 4-speed manual transmission replaced Muncie 4-speed
  • Magnets added to power steering units to attract debris in fluid
  • Available "Gymkhana" suspension system
  • Redesigned radiator

Exterior Changes:

  • New sloping rear-end and body-colored urethane plastic rear bumpers
  • New paint colors:  Silver Mist, Corvette Gray, Corvette Medium Blue, Dark Green, Bright Yellow, Dark Brown, Medium Red, Corvette Orange

Interior Changes:

  • Shoulder belts integrated with lap belts. Belt locking system changed from pull-rate to swinging-weight type
  • Relocated alarm system activator
Back in 1974...
As CB radio popularity grows and the number of CB radio licenses issued in this year alone exceeds the number of licenses issued in the previous 15 years combined, the end of an era arrives as 1974 is the last year for the big block Corvette.  The 454 is the last big block to ever grace the frame rails of a production Corvette.
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