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[Product Review] Ecklers C4 Corvette Rear Hatch Window Ventmaster

by Hib Halverson
Ecklers Corvette Rear Hatch Window Ventmaster for C4 Corvette

During the really hot parts of the year, C4 owners have air conditioning to keep them cool. What about spring and early summer, when you may want a breeze from the outside rather than cold air blowing out the hvac? Coupe drivers can always unbolt and take off the roof, but to me, that’s a pain in the butt. All I want is a little cool air, not a lot of sun and the top taking up all the room in the back.

The solution is Eckler’s Ventmaster kit (p/n 30728). This device fits ’84-’96 Corvettes and allows you to drive with the rear hatch cracked about an inch-and-a-half. The effect on interior ventilation is amazing. Interior temperature can be lowered by as much as 10°. No modifications are required to install this device. When you are ready for a little more air flow in the interior, simply pop the hatch, slip on the Ventmaster‘s hatch light and lock striker extensions, then close the hatch. What a cool little doodad! In the spring and summer, I use the Ventmaster all the time. I can’t imagine a C4 Coupe owner without one.

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