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Hib Halverson is an automotive writer and content supplier for print and internet media.

[UPDATED] Ruthless Pursuit of Power: The Mystique of the C6 Corvette LS7 Engine

by Hib Halverson The third edition of the Corvette Action Center’s comprehensive series of articles on the LS7 engine has just been posted. CAC Technical Editor, Hib Halverson, has completed a significant update of sections of the series covering the controversy surrounding LS7 valve guide wear. Based on research the CAC did in 2015, Halverson […]

Wiggle Testing: How to Perform On-Engine Test for C6 Corvette LS7 Valve Stem-Guide Clearance

by Hib Halverson - Let it be known: a "wiggle test"– measuring a Chevrolet V8's valve stem-to-guide clearance with the heads on the engine–is not easy to accomplish. Done correctly, even for a professional service technician, it can be tedious, time consuming and even confusing at times.

Ruthless Pursuit of Power: Lucky Seven Edition: The Mystique of the 7-Liter, 7000-RPM, LS7

Everything you ever wanted to know about the C6 Corvette's LS7 engine and the men and women behind this incredible work of engineering!
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