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Chevrolet Rolls Out Largest Discounts of the Year on 2019 Corvettes

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Now that 2019 C7 Corvette production has officially come to an end, Chevrolet has rolled out the largest discounts we’ve seen all year long on remaining 2019 Corvette inventory at dealerships.

Chevy Employee Discount and Purchase Bonus Cash

This is the third year that Chevrolet has offered employee pricing for everyone.  That means, you would pay exactly what a Chevrolet employee would pay on the price of a brand new 2019 Corvette.  For example:  you could purchase a 2019 Corvette Z06 Coupe with an MSRP of $88,050 for $79,222.  That’s a savings of $8,827 off MSRP.

GM also rolled out a $2,000 Purchase Bonus Cash incentive on 2019 Corvettes which is stackable.  That means, tack on $2,000 to the $8,827 you’re already saving and you can now save $10,827 off MSRP bringing the price you pay down to $77,223.

Additional Dealer Discounts

Some Chevrolet dealerships are also tacking on additional discounts toward the purchase of a brand new 2019 Corvette.

MacMulkin Chevrolet of Nashua, New Hampshire is the 2nd largest Corvette dealer in the world and has been the #1 selling Corvette dealer in the world a few times this year.  They are taking up to 22% OFF MSRP on some of their 2019 Corvettes.  Their discounts include the Chevy Employee Pricing as well as the $2,000 Purchase Bonus Cash incentive.

For example:  you could purchase a brand new 2019 Corvette Stingray 1LT with an MSRP of $57,885 for only $45,150.  That’s a savings of $12,375 OFF MSRP!  You’re getting a LOT of car for the money!

One of the perks of shopping at one of the largest Corvette dealers in the world is that chances are, they have the exact color and options you’re looking for.  MacMulkin Chevrolet is no exception.

All of their Corvettes are always stored indoors, and they have over 300 Corvettes in-stock and waiting for delivery at any given time.

If you’re not overly thrilled with the look of the 2020 C8 Corvette, or the idea of having the engine in the back of your head, and you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a leftover C7 Corvette, now is the perfect time to buy!

Take a look at MacMulkin Chevrolet’s vast inventory of 2019 Corvettes or give their Corvette Team a call at 603-888-1121.




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