Corvette Action Center Staff

Rob Loszewski

Owner & Site Administrator

Rob is the Owner and Site Administrator of the Corvette Action Center which he started building in 2000. Over the years,  he's shaped the Corvette Action Center into one of the largest online repositories of Corvette information going back to 1953.

He's gone on to build other GM automotive enthusiast websites such as the Cadillac V-Net, Cadillac XLR Net, and VetteTube.

In his spare time, he can be found in his yard landscaping or enjoying his 1990 Corvette ZR-1 along the New England seacoast.

Author and Senior Editor

Thanks to his dad who was a vehicle systems engineer in Detroit, Bradan has been an automotive enthusiast and Corvette fan since he was born. Residing in Ventura County, California, he spent his weekends helping his dad restoring classic cars in the family's garage and eventually worked his way through school to become an accomplished journalist, husband and proud father of two.


Marcus has been a Corvette enthusiast since he learned to walk and a frequent contributor to online publications over the year. A resident of Connecticut, Marcus is the proud owner of an unrestored, completely original 1967 Corvette big block that he enjoys driving to various Corvette related events across New England.


Hib Halverson works in automotive media, both print and Internet as a technical writer. He is the Lead Product Evaluator for the Corvette Action Center and its sister web site, the Cadillac V-Net.

He's also the author of the Big Block From Hell series that appeared in VETTE magazine.

Hib owns a 2019 Corvette ZR1 and two 2016 ATS-Vs -  a six-speed Coupe and an eight-speed Sedan.