Keep Your C7 Corvette Z06 Cool with Callaway’s HD Cooling System

It’s well known that the early years of the C7 Corvette Z06 suffered from numerous overheating issues when pushed on the track during high-heat conditions.

For the 2017 Corvette Z06 model year, Corvette Engineers integrated a redesigned supercharger for the the LT4 engine as well as a slightly higher hood in order to try and extract more heat from the Z06’s engine bay and alleviate some of the issues that on-track drivers were experiencing.

While complaints of overheating seemed to subside somewhat compared to the earlier years, some owners still complained of their Z06 Corvettes going into limp-home-mode in the middle of the track on a hot day.

Thanks to Callaway Cars of Old Lyme, Connecticut, Z06 owners now have a proven solution to overheating.

From the Callaway website:

HD Cooling Systems

The ultimate cooling solution for your C7 Corvette.

It’s common knowledge that the C7 Corvette Z06 cooling system can be overtaxed during aggressive driving or on-track use. The result is power loss as the stock intercooler system isn’t capable of removing enough heat from the compressed inlet air. Plus, excessive oil temperature can have an adverse effect on engine oil lubrication properties, resulting in serious damage to engine components.

Callaway HD Cooling Systems were developed in a collaborative effort with sister company, Callaway Competition of Leingarten, Germany, and Entwicklungs Partner, Tikt Performance of Stephanskirchen, Germany. We turned to Callaway’s 25 years of motorsports success, combined with Tikt’s road car product development and advanced manufacturing capabilities, to support the introduction of a proper cooling system solution. While HD Cooling Systems work best with the Callaway GenThreeTM supercharger system, they also perform well with otherwise stock Z06 Corvettes. Now you can focus on improving your lap times without fearing the uncontrolled rise of the temperature gauges and the dreaded “limp mode”. In fact, during testing, Callaway engineers reported a significant improvement in overall performance as power was not lost by running at higher temperatures for extended periods.

System Components

The HD Cooling Grille is offered separately, with integrated ducts providing cooling air to front brakes and cool, fresh air to the engine intake.

HD Cooling Grille – features:
  • Carbon fiber grille surround with laser-cut Callaway insert
  • Integrated ducts direct cooling air to front brakes
  • Cold air duct feeds fresh, ambient air to engine intake
  • Installed exclusively at Callaway facilities

The “Level 1” system focuses on keeping engine coolant temps under control and improving performance of the supercharger’s intercooler system. Oil temperatures are inherently improved, as this system is cooled by the engine’s coolant circuit. This system is ideal for spirited road driving, for autocross or for high speed open road racing events. Top speed can now be maintained with all temps controlled.

HD Cooling System – Level 1 features:
  • Carbon fiber grille surround with laser-cut Callaway grille insert
  • High flow-rate intercooler pump for enhanced heat transfer; flows 20% more than SC757 pump and 35% more than stock Z06 pump
  • High flow-rate thermostat assembly; CNC-machined housing, anodized in Callaway Blue, with new high-flow thermostat
  • Increased intercooler system capacity

The “Level 2” system contains all Level 1 system components, and adds an air-to-oil cooling system, a carbon fiber aerodynamic splitter and full undertray. These additional items allow full track day sessions for expert drivers without encountering limp mode. The addition of the standalone air-to-oil cooler integrated into the splitter/undertray, in conjunction with the removal of the OE water-to-oil heat exchanger, provides a substantial decrease in engine oil temperature. Plus, the new splitter and undertray provide considerable aerodynamic improvement, shifting balance to reduce understeer.

HD Cooling System – Level 2 features:
  • Level 1 components plus –
  • Carbon fiber splitter; works with Corvette Stage 2 and Stage 3 aero extensions
  • Carbon fiber front undertray with integrated brake cooling channels, extending rearward to front subframe
  • Air-to-oil heat exchanger integrated between new splitter and undertray, replacing OEM oil-to-water heat exchanger
  • Lightweight Hi-Temp polymer braided -10AN oil cooler lines with CNC-machined thermostatically controlled adapter housing


All HD Cooling System products are installed exclusively at Callaway facilities in Connecticut and California by our expert technicians for dealers and private owners. A Level 1-equipped car may be upgraded to Level 2 spec at any time.


Product Name Model Year/Application Finish Part No. Sugg. Retail
Cooling System Upgrade, C7/GS SC627 2015-19 Callaway Corvette SC627
2015-19 Corvette Stingray / Grand Sport
Level 1 Exposed Carbon Fiber, Clear Coat 105.71.3310 $14,995.
Painted Carbon Flash Clear Coat 105.71.3311 $14,995.
Level 2 Exposed Carbon Fiber, Clear Coat 105.71.3312 $18,995.
Painted Carbon Flash Clear Coat 105.71.3313 $18,995.
Cooling System Upgrade, SC757 2015-19 Callaway Corvette SC757 Level 1 Exposed Carbon Fiber, Clear Coat 105.72.3310 $14,995.
Painted Carbon Flash Clear Coat 105.72.3311 $14,995.
Level 2 Exposed Carbon Fiber, Clear Coat 105.72.3312 $18,995.
Painted Carbon Flash Clear Coat 105.72.3313 $18,995.
Cooling System Upgrade, Z06/OE 2015-19 Corvette Z06 Level 1 Exposed Carbon Fiber, Clear Coat 105.72.3315 $14,995.
Painted Carbon Flash Clear Coat 105.72.3316 $14,995.
Level 2 Exposed Carbon Fiber, Clear Coat 105.72.3317 $18,995.
Painted Carbon Flash Clear Coat 105.72.3318 $18,995.
Grille, Callaway HD Cooling, w/ducts 2015-19 Corvette, all Exposed Carbon Fiber, Clear Coat 105.72.3320 $5,895.
Painted Carbon Flash Clear Coat 105.72.3321 $5,895.

Source: Callaway

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