Mounting - Corvette C4/C5 EMT Runflat Tires

1995 Corvette ZR-1

Table of Contents:

  Overview of Components



  Tire Rim Matching and Inflation


EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
1.  Clean the sensor mount surface on wheel.
Inspect and lubricate O-ring.
2.  Insert the sensor and properly torque to the specification provided in the manufacturer’s
service manual.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
3.  Thoroughly lubricate rim flange, drop center,
bead seats, and safety humps.
4.  Thoroughly lubricate tire bead face and inner
toe area.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
5.  Place tire over left and under right of mount
head, twist tire clockwise to lock to rim.
6.  Verify sensor is just ahead of traction point.
Mount bottom bead.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
7.  Place upper bead onto mount head.
Install bead depressor. Lock tire to rim behind sensor
as shown. Begin inserting blocks.
8.  Position and lock column. Place upper roller
behind mount head. Push on tire to keep bead down.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
9.  Grasp tire and hold bead depressor.
Rotate clockwise to install upper bead.
10.  Depress upper roller and remove mount head.
EMT Runflat Tire  
11.  Rotate counterclockwise and remove bead depressor when close to roller. Retract upper roller. Unlock and swing away bead roller assembly.