Demounting - Corvette C4/C5 EMT Runflat Tires

1995 Corvette ZR-1

Table of Contents:

  Overview of Components



  Tire Rim Matching and Inflation


EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
1.  Clean demount head. Replace with a new unit
if dirt is embedded in demount head.
2.  Clean rim. Note and record any damage to rim
prior to servicing.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
3.  Remove the valve core. Remove the sensor
retainer nut (11mm). Drop sensor into the tire.
4.  Clamp wheel. Verify rim is squarely clamped by checking rotational runout. If not square, briefly release and reclamp.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
5.  Lock upper roller. Push roller down ¼ inch
below edge of rim to secure the rim while loosening
lower bead.
6.  Watch wheel underside in mirror.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
7.  Loosen and lubricate lower bead. Rotate counterclockwise. Loosen bead just enough to
expose the safety hump.
8.  Loosen upper bead. Retract lower roller prior to upper bead loosening. Loosen just enough to expose safety hump. Use special care on pre 1997 versions, because they are more susceptible to potential invasive damage.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
9.  Lubricate rim flange and tire. 10.  Lubricate end of "HM" bead lever tool.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
11.  Place "HM" lever with sleeve protector
between tire and rim.
Retract upper roller.
12.  Push demount head downward against rim. Adjust arm perpendicular to rim. Use the "Plus One" detent from the forward position.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
13.  Rotate tire counterclockwise to position
"HM" lever onto demount head.
14.  Rotate wheel counterclockwise while pulling tire onto demount head. Counterclockwise rotation rolls tire bead automatically into drop center and pulls demount head down against rim. (eliminates bead depressors and excessive effort)
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
15.  Push tire up with lower roller. Switch hands
on "HM" lever. Position bead roller assembly. Set
diameter to 1 inch larger than rim size before
positioning. Lock column.
16.  Grasp Tire and Rotate Clockwise To
Demount Tire.
Pulling tire along with wheel prevents lubricated rim from slipping inside stiff tire.
EMT Runflat Tire EMT Runflat Tire
17.  Pull tire straight up. Push tire forward to tilt away. Hold tire in drop center with thigh. 18.  Lift lower bead onto demount head.
HINT: Lubricate "HM" lever halfway up. Insert, lift, and briefly rotate counterclockwise increasing gap to ease removal.
EMT Runflat Tire  
19. Push "HM" lever through tire halfway. Pull upward on both ends and hold. Demount clockwise. HINT: Using sleeve protector eliminates need for pulling up in this manner.