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Service Bulletin: Cleaning, Coating and Painting of Aluminum Wheels

Model Year: NA
Subject: Cleaning, Coating and Painting of Aluminum Wheels
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Information Bulletin
Number: 80-I-83, Section X
Date: October, 1980

To: All Chevrolet Dealers

Aluminum wheels can be cleaned, coated and painted using the following procedure. Care should be taken during entire procedure to avoid scratching or damaging the shiny aluminum surfaces.

Materials Required

  1. American Sure Seal paint remover, product STRIP OFF - stock SSQ or equivalent.
  2. 360 grit sand paper.
  3. Nylon auto glass type scraper.
  4. American Sure Seal Silicone Remover - stock DSR or 3M #8985 Wax Remover.
  5. Paint thinners.
  6. American Sure Seal Aluminum Cleaner - stock DWC or equivalent.
  7. DuPont 228S conversion coating or equivalent.
  8. Enamel color coat paint.
  9. American Sure Seal Coricone 1700 Wheel Protector.
  10. General purpose pads. 3M #7448 or equivalent.
  11. American Sure Seal Glaze Cleaner - stock DGC or 3M #5979 clean and glaze.
  12. American Sure Seal Wheel Polish - stock DAP or equivalent.


  1. Remove the wheel and tire assembly from the car. After marking the wheel-tire relationship, remove tire from wheel. If wheel and tire are not separated, mask off the tire prior to painting and mark the weights and remove.

  2. Using the general purpose pad and glaze cleaner, vigorously rub over the machine sufrace to remove corrosion and resotre the luster of the bright machined surfaces on the wheel.

  3. Wipe over the cleaned surface with the wheel polish to obtain maximum luster.

  4. Using the silicone remover, clean the entire wheel. Wash off with clean water and air blow dry.


  5. Using the "Strip Off" paint remover, spray the entire wheel surface with this product. Wait two to three minutes and then remove with a high pressure water hose.

    Steps 6 through 12 are to be used only on aluminum wheels with painted surfaces.

  6. If peeling or discoloration is extremely bad, it may be necessary to use the Strip Off more than once. Scrape off any loose paint with a nylon scraper and/or 360 grit sand paper.

  7. Wipe entire wheel clean with the silicone remover and flush off again with water, followed by blow drying.

  8. Mask off areas of wheel not to be painted.

  9. Wipe over the painted surfacw with the aluminum cleaner, then apply the conversion coating, following label directions. (This is a two-step operation which will improve the adhesion of the primer.)

  10. To ensure coverage in all areas, an application of zinc chromate primer should be applied to the wheel painted surface in four light applications, rotating the wheel 90 degrees between applications.

  11. Apply the color coat using the same procedure as for the primer.

  12. After ten minutes of air drying, heat may be applied to the paint to reduce drying time.

  13. When the color coat is completely dry, remove masking tape. Wheel must be perfectly clean of foreign material and dry before applying Coricone 1700 wheel protector on wheel allowing two or three minutes between coats. The clear coat will put an invisible coating on top of the painted suface and the polished aluminum.

  14. Spray two light coatings of Coricone 1700 wheel protector on wheel allowing two or three minutes between coats.  The clear coat will put an invisible coating on top of the painted surface adn the polished aluminum.

  15. Do not use heat on clear coat, allow to air dry for 24 hours.

  16. Re-install the tire and wheel (re-align the index marks and/or the balance weight).
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