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Technical Article: Long Term / Winter Corvette Storage

Not quite sure how to prepare your Corvette for long term or cold weather winter storage?  This four page article with printable check list is just for you.

" One of the most popular questions among Corvette owners is "how should I prepare my Corvette for long-term or winter storage? This age old question is just like the typical "which type of aftermarket exhaust system should I install" question. You’re bound to get five hundred different answers and all of them could be different. Some people will tell you to completely drain the fuel tank and others will tell you not to do this. Some owners will tell you to put your Vette up on blocks and others will tell you not to. Above all of the uncertainty and mythical storage remedies you’ve heard of, you are sure of one thing:  you want your Corvette to receive the very best care possible."

Long Term / Winter Corvette Storage

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