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Technical Article: Advantages of an Oil Prime Tool

By John Hinckley, Corvette Enthusiast Magazine
Used here with permission.
Copyright John Hinckley, Corvette Enthusiast Magazine

My ’69 restoration is about half done; the body is at the painter, and I’ve completed the chassis and reinstalled the engine, which wasn rebuilt last year, has not been run yet, and has been sitting on an engine stand for eight months waiting for the frame and chassis parts to be reassembled. I’ve rigged up temporary fuel, cooling, and electrical systems, and I’ve been told I should remove the distributor and prime the oil system with an old distributor shaft on an electric drill before I start it for the first time. I’ve cut the top off an old distributor shaft, but someone said I need a “prime tool” instead. What does a “prime tool” do that the modified distributor shaft won’t?

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