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2009 - 2013 Corvette ZR1: GM TechLink: Installing ZR1 Body Kit

Some of the carbon fiber trim is not installed to the ZR1 at the assembly plant, to avoid shipping damage. The body side lower rear (rocker) moldings, front valance panels and rear wheel opening front flares must be installed at the dealership during new vehicle preparation.

IMPORTANT: Once the rocker moldings and valance are installed, the vehicle’s ground clearance can be as little as 4 3/4 inches (12 cm). See the August 2008 TechLink for lifting tips.

When lifting the vehicle, be sure there is sufficient clearance between the lift arms and the rocker panels for installation of the moldings.

Carbon fiber is brittle and breaks if bent. Broken edges may be sharp.

Refer to the instruction sheets that accompany the loose parts for details. Here are some highlights.

Rear Wheel Flares

The rear wheel flares must be installed before installing the rocker moldings (fig. 9) .

figure 9

The rear wheels must be removed for access to the wheel housings. Before removing the wheels, it is important to install the foam rotor protectors on the rear brake ceramic rotors.

TIP: Protectors can be installed through the spokes of the wheel.

TIP: Rotor protectors are provided to each ZR1 owner. Dealers should acquire a set for use in servicing the vehicle.

With the rear wheels removed, follow the instruction sheet to complete the installation of the flares. It is necessary to drill holes for the attaching rivets. Follow instructions.

TIP: Four rivets included with the flares are needed for the next step, installing the rocker moldings.

Rocker Moldings

TIP: The wheel flares must be installed first.

It is necessary to drill holes for the attaching rivets (fig. 10) . Follow instructions.

figure 10

TIP: Due to the length of the rocker moldings, have an assistant help hold the moldings in place to avoid breakage.

When installing the provided rivets to the molding, the arms of the vehicle lift may interfere with installing some of the rivets. If so, skip these until the vehicle is lowered.

After the rocker moldings are installed, install the butyl patches to cover the rivets and protect the rear flanges of the moldings, as instructed.

Front Valance

The front valance is installed below the front fascia using the screws and u-nuts provided (fig. 11) . Follow instructions to install the fasteners in the correct order.

figure 11

- Thanks to Brad Thacher
September 2008 GM TechLink

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