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1990 - 1996 Corvette: Inner Door Panel Screw Locations

The article and pictures here are used with permission by Craig Marcho, the author and photographer.

Find all the hidden screws on your ’90+ door panel!

I had to remove the door panel on my ’90 to fix a broken clip that connected the door lock motor rod to the door lock mechanism. I know some people miss a screw or two when trying to remove the panel, so I thought I’d show the location of them here. They are circled in Green!

Here they are: 11 screws total. Five along the bottom, one near the hinges, one near the rear hatch switch, one hidden behind the window switch, and three near the door handle (one behind the light, one behind the sliding lock mechanism, and one behind the handle):

The one behind the power window switch can be reached by popping the power switch out carefully:

This is a closer shot of the three behind the door handle area. You’ll need to pop out the light to get to the top one, and remove the plastic door lock slider piece to get the bottom one:

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