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1984 - 1987 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Power Seat Transmission Usage and Identification

Subject:   Power Seat Transmission Usage and Identification
Model and Year:   1984 to 1987 Corvettes
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   87-86
Section:   9
Date:    Mar., 1987


Due to a component change within the power seat transmissions for 1984 to 1987 Corvettes, two (2) transmission assemblies and carriages are now available for service.

In order to determine which transmission and/or carriage will be needed for servicing, it will be necessary to identify the assemblies by date code numbers.

The date code locations are:  the left front floor mounting support and the inboard front upper corner of the seat transmission assembly.  (See Illustration).

The different in the seat transmissions involve the pinion gear shaft sizes which engage the bushings on the right side of the carriage.

Prior to date code 233-86:  6.3mm (1/4") diameter

After date code 233-86:  7.9mm (5/16") diameter

If service is required on the seat adjuster components, refer to the following chart for proper parts usage:

Build Date Code Trans Assembly P/N Carriage P/N
Prior to 233-86 10065222 14067602
After 233-86 10081946 10081947
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