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1984 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Paint Code Release Update Information

Model and Year: 1984 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 83-I-84 - (09/06/1983)

The 1984 Corvette features the same acrylic enamel paint that has been used since the 19811/2 model. The only change for 1984 is that a clear coat is being applied to both, metallic and solid colors, where as it had been used only on metallic colors since 1982.

Repair procedures for solid and metallic colors on the 1984 Corvette remain as published in Bulletin 82-I-23, November, 1981.

NOTICE: The use of abrasive polishing compounds on the front and rear fascias have been found to be detrimental to the finish on these materials and are not to be used. The use of abrasive polishing compounds results in a dulling effect.

The following chart illustrates the 1984 Corvette exterior color selection.


Sherwin- Paint Williams DDL-DAR Color Color Name Fisher DuPont Martin Acme- Ditzier Rinshed Code Number Senour Rogers Code Mason

41 Black WACC-8555 99 30-5296 33756 9000 13572 40 White WACC-8554 B8469 30-5295 33755 3680 13570 33 Spectra Red WACC-8551 B8478 32-8397 33884 3681 13574 16 Bright Silver Metallic WACC-7718 B8320 32-8366 33141 3602 13103 18 Medium Gray Metallic WACCO7719 B8321 32-8367 33142 3603 13104 20 Light Blue Metallic WACC-7720 B8322 32-8368 33143 3604 13105 23 Medium Blue Metallic WACC-7721 B8323 32-8369 33144 3605 13109 63 Light Bronze Metallic WACC-7722 B8324 32-8372 33147 3606 13124 66 Dark Bronze Metallic WACC-7723 B8325 32-8373 33148 3607 13126 53 Gold Metallic WACC-7725 B8327 32-8371 33146 3609 13117D

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