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1984 - 1987 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Front Center Air Deflector Damage

Subject: Front Center Air Deflector Damage
Model and Year: 1984 - 1987 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 87-263-10, Section 10
Date:   Jan., 1988


Comments that the front air deflector (dam) gets damaged by bumps, curbs and snow piles may be received.  A service kit with two new braces has been released to address this situation on affected vehicles.

This condition can be addressed by installing the braces per the illustration and instructions provided in the service kit.  The part numbers for the service kits are as follows:

Model Year Service Kit, Part Number Application
1984-85 10107825 All Vehicles
1986 10107824 All Vehicles
1987 10107824 For Z51 Option
1987 10107825 For Base (W/O Z51)

Chevrolet Motor Division
General Motors Corporation  

1984 - 1987 Corvette Front Air Deflector Service Kit

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