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1992 - 1993 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Cracks/Damage to Cowl Surface

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 93-134-10


Some 1992-93 Y-cars with LT1 engines may have cracks or damage to the cowl surface:

- Behind the right cylinder head, - Below the wiring harness connector.


Rear of engine may contact the cowl surface when removing transmission or engine from vehicle.


Repair the crack using the following procedure and materials:

Materials: Seam Sealing Material (Use *3M 08405 or 08302, *Dominion/American Sure Seal LSC or CSC, *Kent 10200 or 10195, or equivalent.)

GM P/N 10231336 Spacer, Engine Wiring Harness Grommet Bracket Plate


1. Raise hood to full open position.

2. Remove plastic engine cover from between right side rocker cover and fuel rail.

3. Remove wiring harness bracket from right rear side of intake manifold.

4. Remove right side A.I.R. pipe from engine (See View A);

    a. Remove nut at exhaust manifold, use 22 mm "crow foot" wrench.
    b. Loosen bolt on rear of head, using long 9/16" open end wrench.
    c. Remove bolts on rear of intake manifold, use 10 mm 1/4" drive socket and flex extension.
    d. Remove hose and plastic clamp from check valve.

5. Clean damaged area (See View B) with a wax and grease remover and use V.O.C. approved materials where required.

6. Apply enough seam sealing material to fill or cover the damaged area. Paddle material into place, if required.

7. Loosen the harness connector attaching bolts, position GM P/N 10231336 - Spacer, over the damaged area and under the attaching bolt heads and tighten the attaching bolts. The spacer has slots to aid in installation (See View C).

8. Reinstall the A.I.R. pipe and the pipe gasket to the intake manifold.

9. Reinstall the wiring harness bracket to the right rear of the intake manifold.

10. Reinstall the engine cover between the rocker cover and fuel rail.

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1992 - 1993 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Cracks/Damage to Cowl Surface

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