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1984 - 1991 Corvette: Recall: Left & Right Side Safety Belt Retractor Replacement

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Source: Chevrolet Product Campaign
Number: 91C25 & 91C26
Model and Year: 1984-91 CHEVROLET CORVETTE

The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, as amended, provides that each vehicle which is subject to a recall campaign of this type must be adequately repaired within a reasonable time after the owner has tendered it for repair. A failure to repair within sixty (60) days after tender of a vehicle is prima facie evidence of failure to repair within a reasonable time.

If the condition is not adequately repaired within a reasonable time, the owner may be entitled to an identical or reasonably equivalent vehicle at no charge or to a refund of the purchase price less a reasonable allowance for depreciation.

To avoid having to provide these burdensome solutions, every effort must be made to promptly schedule an appointment with each owner and to repair their vehicle as soon as possible. As you will see in reading the attached copy of the letter that is being sent to owners, the owners are being instructed to contact the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center if their dealer does not remedy the condition within five (5) days of the mutually agreed upon service date. I f the condition is not remedied within a reasonable time, they are instructed on how to contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


General Motors has determined that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain 1984-91 Chevrolet Corvettes. Under specific conditions of vehicle operation and occupant usage, it is possible for the safety belts in these vehicles to lock-up or jam in the retractor. If this occurs, vehicle occupants will be unable to use the affected safety belt(s) because it will be impossible to pull the belt out of the retractor. In the event of a vehicle crash, unbelted occupants are more at risk of injury than those using safety belts.

If either safety belt in a Corvette exhibits this condition, dealers are to replace the affected retractor side safety belt. As this problem will not occur in all Corvette safety belts, only those safety belts which are experiencing a locked-up or jammed belt will require replacement under this recall.

Owners of involved vehicles are being instructed to retain their owner notification letter in case this condition should occur to their vehicle’s safety belt(s) in the future. Dealers are to provide a copy of the owner notification letter (included with this bulletin - reproduce locally) to future purchasers of any new or used inventory units so that these owners are aware that correction is available should this condition occur.

NOTICE: This campaign provides only for locked-up or jammed retractors to be replaced. To accommodate this situation, it has been necessary to issue two (2) campaign numbers (one for each safety belt: left side = 91C25 and right side = 91C26). Having separate campaign numbers assigned to each safety belt enables claims to be submitted at different times in those cases were only one safety belt requires replacement due to a locked-up or jammed condition. In these cases, a claim is to be submitted only against the campaign number for the belt requiring replacement (left or right) and as a result only the campaign for the safety belt being replaced will be "closed". Should the opposite side (unreplaced) safety belt lock-up or jam in the future, it can then be replaced and a claim submitted under the remaining "open" campaign number.

VISS (Vehicle Information Service System) will identify both campaign numbers as outstanding on an involved vehicle until service action is performed on that vehicle. Once a campaign claim is submitted, however, the campaign number associated with that claim will be removed from VISS for the repaired vehicle. For example, if only the left (driver’s) side safety belt is replaced on a vehicle, and a claim is submitted for that side, VISS will show only 91C26 (right side) as outstanding for that vehicle. See the "CLAIM INFORMATION" section (page 10) of this bulletin for special claim submission instructions.


Involved are certain 1984-91 Chevrolet Corvettes built within the following VIN breakpoints:

PLANT YEAR MODEL PLANT CODE FROM THROUGH ---- ----- ---------- ----- -------- -------- 1984 Y-Car Bowling Green "5" E5100001 E5151547

1985 " "" " F5100001 F5139729

1986 " "" " G5100001 G5127794

1986 " "" " G5900001 G5907315

1987 " "" " H5100001 H5130632

1988 " "" " J5100001 J5122789

1989 " "" " K5100001 K5126328

1989 " "" " K5800001 K5800084

1990 " "" " L5100001 L5120597

1990 " "" " L5700001 L5700017

1990 " "" " L5800001 L5803032

1991 " "" " M5100001 M5115148

1991 " "" " M5800001 M5801760

Involved vehicles have been identified by Vehicle Identification Number Computer Listings. Computer listings contain the complete Vehicle Identification Number, owner name and address data, and are furnished to involved dealers with the campaign bulletin. Owner name and address data furnished will enable dealers to follow-up with owners involved in this campaign.

These listings may contain owner names and addresses obtained from State Motor Vehicle Registration Records. The use of such motor vehicle registration data for any other purpose is a violation of law in several states. Accordingly, you are urged to limit the use of this listing to the follow-up necessary to complete this campaign. Any dealer not receiving a computer listing with the campaign bulletin has no involved vehicles currently assigned.


Sold unit vehicle owners will be notified of this campaign on their vehicles by Chevrolet Motor Division (see copy of owner letter included with this bulletin). Dealers are to provide a copy of the attached owner notification letter to future owners of affected new or used inventory vehicles. Mailing of owner letters will be scheduled as parts become available.


Dealers are to service all vehicles subject to this campaign at no charge to owners, regardless of mileage, age of vehicle, or ownership, from this time forward.

Whenever a vehicle subject to this campaign is taken into your new or used vehicle inventory, or it is in your dealership for service in the future, you should take the steps necessary to ensure the campaign notification letter has been provided to the owner before reselling or releasing the vehicle.

Owners of vehicles recently sold from your new vehicle inventory are to be contacted by the dealer, and arrangements are to be made to provide the owner with a copy of the notification letter.


Parts required to complete this campaign are to be obtained from General Motors Service Parts Operations (GMSPO). To ensure these parts will be obtained as soon as possible, they should be ordered f rom GMSPO as a VERIFIED VIP. For VIP Overnight Delivery, please refer to GMSPO VIP Overnight Delivery Program Bulletin No. IB90-110 for ordering procedures. The part will be shipped premium transportation at the dealers expense. Reimbursement of freight charges may be applied to the campaign claim. All other order types will be placed on back order.


12503643 12501352 12503654 12503645 12503655 12508125 12503647 12503657 12503648 12503658 12503649 12503659 12503651 12503661 12503652 12503662



Left Hand P/N Right Hand P/N Year(s), Color And Body Type

12517092 12516944 1984 / Graphite Coupe 12517094 12516948 1984 / Medium Gray / Coupe 12516966 12516967 1984 / Medium Blue / Coupe 12517098 12516978 1984 / Dark Saddle / Coupe 12517100 12516982 1984 / Dark Bronze / Coupe 12516992 12516993 1984 / Carmine Coupe

12517092 12516944 1985 / Graphite Coupe 12517094 12516948 1985 / Medium Gray / Coupe 12516966 12516967 1985 / Medium Blue / Coupe 12517098 12516978 1985 / Dark Saddle / Coupe 12517100 12516982 1985 / Dark Bronze / Coupe 12516992 12516993 1985 / Carmine Coupe

12517092 12516944 1986 / Graphite Coupe 12517093 12516945 1986 / Graphite Convertible 12517094 12516948 1986 / Medium Gray / Coupe 12517095 12516949 1986 / Medium Gray / Convertible 12517096 12516960 1986 / Medium Blue/ Coupe 12517097 12516961 1986 / Medium Blue/ Convertible 12517098 12516978 1986 / Dark Saddle/ Coupe 12517099 12516979 1986 / Dark Saddle/ Convertible 12517100 12516982 1986 / Dark Bronze/ Coupe 12517101 12516983 1986 / Dark Bronze/ Convertible 12517102 12516988 1986 / Flame Red /Coupe 12517103 12516989 1986 / Flame Red /Convertible

12516942 12516944 1987 / Graphite / Coupe 12516943 12516945 1987 / Graphite / Convertible 12516946 12516948 1987 / Medium Gray / Coupe 12516947 12516949 1987 / Medium Gray / Convertible 12516958 12516960 1987 / Medium Blue / Coupe 12516959 12516961 1987 / Medium Blue /Convertible

12516976 12516978 1987 / Dark Saddle/ Coupe 12516977 12516979 1987 / Dark Saddle/ Convertible 12516980 12516982 1987 / Dark Bronze/ Coupe 12516981 12516983 1987 / Dark Bronze/ Convertible 12516984 12516988 1987 / Flame Red /Coupe 12516985 12516989 1987 / Flame Red /Convertible

12516940 12516941 1988 / White / Coupe 12516950 12516954 1988 / Black / Coupe 12516951 12516955 1988 / Black / Convertible 12516958 12516960 1988 / Medium Blue / Coupe 12516959 12516961 1988 / Medium Blue / Convertible 12516968 12516972 1988 / Medium Cognac / Coupe 12516969 12516973 1988 / Medium Cognac / Convertible 12516984 12516988 1988 / Flame Red / Coupe 12516985 12516989 1988 / Flame Red / Convertible 12516994 12516998 1988 / Medium Smoke Gray / Coupe 12516995 12516999 1988 / Medium Smoke Gray / Conv.

12516950 12516954 1989 / Black / Coupe 12516951 12516955 1989 / Black / Convertible 12516958 12516960 1989 / Medium Blue / Coupe 12516959 12516961 1989 / Medium Blue / Convertible 12516968 12516972 1989 / Medium Cognac / Coupe 12516969 12516973 1989 / Medium Cognac / Convertible

Left Hand P/N Right Hand P/N Year, Color And Body Type ------------- ----------- -------------------------- 12516984 12516988 1989 / Flame Red / Coupe 12516985 12516989 1989 / Flame Red / Convertible 12516994 12516998 1989 / Medium Smoke Gray / Coupe 12516995 12516999 1989 / Medium Smoke Gray / Conv.

12516952 12516956 1990 / Black Coupe 12516953 12516957 1990 / Black Convertible 12516962 12516964 1990 / Dark Steel Blue / Coupe 12516963 12516965 1990 / Dark Steel Blue / Convertible 12516970 12516974 1990 / Medium Cognac / Coupe 12516971 12516975 1990 / Medium Cognac / Convertible 12516986 12516990 1990 / Flame Red / Coupe 12516987 12516991 1990 / Flame Red / Convertible 12516996 12517001 1990 / Medium Smoke Gray / Coupe 12516997 12517002 1990 / Medium Smoke Gray / Conv.

12510324 12510325 1991 / Black / Coupe 12510334 12510335 1991 / Black / Convertible 12510326 12510327 1991 / Dark Steel Blue / Coupe

12510336 12510337 1991 / Dark Steel Blue / Convertible 12510332 12510333 1991 / Medium Cognac / Coupe 12510342 12510343 1991 / Medium Cognac / Convertible 12510328 12510329 1991 / Flame Red / Coupe 12510338 12510339 1991 / Flame Red / Convertible 12510330 12510331 1991 / Medium Smoke Gray / Coupe 12510340 12510341 1991 / Medium Smoke Gray / Conv.


NOTICE: Perform this procedure for any involved vehicle in which a customer has complained of the retractor side safety belt locking-up. Only safety belts which experience the locked-up or jammed condition are to be replaced.

If only one safety belt in the vehicle is experiencing the condition, replace that safety belt and inform the owner that the opposite safety belt will be replaced at no charge should it develop the condition in the future. Be certain to advise the customer that the occurrence of this condition can be avoided by always buckling the safety belt before moving the vehicle.

For customers who have not experienced this condition on either belt but who question whether repairs should now be made, advise the owner to retain the notification letter and to return to the dealer should the condition occur. Again, be certain to advise the customer that this condition can be avoided by always buckling the safety belt before moving the vehicle.

Safety Belt Assembly Replacement:

1. Remove and replace affected retractor side safety belt(s) following procedure in appropriate Chevrolet Corvette Service Manual (It is not necessary to replace the buckle side safety belt assembly although the part is provided when a retractor side safety belt is ordered).

2. Verify proper operation of safety belt (latch and buckle) assembly.

3. Install Campaign Identification Label.


Each vehicle corrected in accordance with the instructions outlined in this Product Campaign Bulletin will require a "Campaign Identification Label." Each label provides a space to include the five (5) digit dealer code of the dealer performing the campaign service. This information may be inserted with a typewriter or a ball point pen. PLACE A CAMPAIGN STICKER(S) ON THE VEHICLE ACCORDING TO WHICH SAFETY BELTS HAVE BEEN REPLACED (i.e. IF ONLY THE LEFT SAFETY BELT WAS REPLACE ONLY INSTALL A STICKER FOR 91C25).

Each "Campaign Identification Label" is to be located on the radiator core support in an area which will be visible when the vehicle is brought in for periodic servicing by the owner. Additional "Campaign Identification Labels" can be obtained from DAC.

Apply "Campaign Identification Label" only on a clean, dry surface.


Submit a Product Campaign Claim with the information indicated below: * *** FAILED PARTS CC-FC LABOR LAB OTH NET REPAIR PERFORMED PC PART NO. ALLOW OP HRS HRS AMT ----------------- --- --------- ------ ------ ---- --- --- --- Install New Left Hand (Driver’s Side) Safety Belt 1 12510324 ** SK-00 V6930 0.2 0.1 $#.# - Closes Campaign 91C25

Install New Right Hand (Passenger’s Side) Safety Belt 1 12510325 ** SK-00 V6931 0.2 0.1 $#.# - Closes Campaign 91C26

* Campaign Administrative Allowance.

** The "Parts Allowance" should be the sum total of the current GMSPO -Dealer Net price plus 30% of all parts required for the repair.

*** The $#.## in the "Net Amount" column should represent the cost for overnight shipping of the part(s) used in performing the applicable repair(s).

NOTICE: After performing the required repair(s), claims should be submitted as appropriate based on the following: Only Left Hand Safety Belt File Claim For V6930 Only. Replaced (Driver’s Side Belt) Only Right Hand Safety Belt File Claim For V6931 Only. Replaced (Passenger’s Side Belt) Both Right And Left Hand Safety File Separate Claims For Belts Replaced Both V6930 And V6931.

Dealers will automatically receive the correct labor and material allowance based on the labor operation performed.

Refer to the Chevrolet Claims Processing Manual for details on Product Campaign Claim Submission.


Customer requests for reimbursement of a prior repair to correct a previous retractor side safety belt condition are to be submitted according to the instructions in this bulletin using the attached "Request For Reimbursement" form. Additional copies of the form are to be reproduced by the dealer.

Owners may submit original repair invoices along with proof of payment (charge card receipt, copy of cancelled check, or a receipt marked "PAID" if paid-in-cash). The customer repair invoice should provide the description of the repair made and the person or facility performing the repair. These documents are to be retained by the dealer with the dealer repair order and supporting warranty records.

REQUEST FOR REIMBURSEMENT INSTRUCTIONS PRODUCT SAFETY CAMPAIGN 91C25/91C26 SAFETY BELT RETRACTORS 1984 - 91 CHEVROLET CORVETTE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 R.O. # & DATE The dealership should enter the repair order number and date of the owner’s or dealer’s paid receipt or invoice.

2 REQUEST DATE (MONTH, DAY) Date owner or dealer requested reimbursement.


4 MILEAGE Enter mileage at time of transaction. (If not available, enter 46011.)

5 CC/FC Code is preprinted on form.

6 LABOR OPERATION Labor Operation as referenced in bulletin.

7&8 SUBLET DMN & Enter total amount of reimbursement. (Do not LINE TOTAL enter parts or labor hours on claim.)

9 AUTH CODE If the amount of reimbursement approved is $150 or less, no authorization is needed. If the amount exceeds $150, advise customer to contact Chevrolet Customer Assistance at 1-800-222-1020.

10 REQUESTED Dealer Service Manager enter amounts determined REIMBURSEMENT from owner supplied invoices or paid receipts, which are covered. (Maximum amount is $150.)

11 APPROVED Dealer Service Manager to determine based on reimbursement policy of this bulletin. (Maximum amount is $150.)

12 740 STAMP Dealer Service Manager is to stamp reimbursement form including date and signature. (No Authorization Code is required.)

13 DEALER REFERENCE INFORMATION A. Enter Document Number & Line Number on which claim was submitted.

B Enter Claim Memo Number and Date when claim is credited.

C. Enter number of dealer check to owner, if applicable. Date check was written, if applicable. Date copy of check was attached to OWNER REQUEST FOR REIMBURSEMENT file.

14 OWNER INFORMATION Must include telephone number.

15 DEALER INFORMATION Includes Dealer Code, Dealer Name, Service Manager’s signature and social security number. To be completed by Service Manager.

16 EXPLAIN Should the dealer Service Manager determine, after review of owner’s invoices/receipts, that the reimbursement case is not eligible; Service Manager should write reason on worksheet, explain to owner, and place a copy of the worksheet in the file.

17. The dealer is then to issue the owner a check for the reimbursement in the approved amount. A copy of the check issued to the owner is to be attached to the dealer’s file copy of the request and retained for 24 months from date of credit.

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.


General Motors has determined that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exits in certain 1984-91 Chevrolet Corvettes. Under specific conditions of vehicle operation and occupant usage, it is possible for the safety belt in your vehicle to lock-up or jam in the retractor. If this occurs, you will be unable to use the safety belt because it will be impossible to pull the belt out of the retractor. In the event of a vehicle crash, unbelted occupants are more at risk of injury than those using safety belts.


If either of the safety belts in your Corvette has this problem, you will be unable to pull the belt out of the retractor and buckle up no matter how hard you pull. If you currently have a safety belt that is locked-up, please call your Chevrolet dealer right away and schedule a time to have the safety belt replaced. Be certain to tell the dealer the model year and interior color of your Corvette so they can have the proper safety belts for your car when you come in.

In addition, if you ever have this problem in the future - no matter when - contact your Chevrolet dealer for safety belt replacement. Please keep this letter in your Corvette, so that any future owners will also know of this situation.

Most Corvettes will never experience this problem because it can only occur under specific conditions of safety belt use. You can avoid having this occur by simply fastening your safety belt before you start driving your Corvette. This is clearly the best safety belt use routine, and is what your owner’s manual recommends.

The retractor lock-up problem can occur only if you attempt to fasten the safety belt while either accelerating, braking, or bouncing over a rough road so that the retractor attempts to lock-up as it would in a vehicle crash. If this condition occurs and you have just started to pull the belt out of the retractor (first six inches of belt travel) you will feel resistance as the retractor attempts to lock-up. Continuing to pull on the belt in spite of feeling this resistance may break the retractor and you would not be able to use the safety belt.

If you have previously paid to have either of your safety belts replaced because of this condition, we want to reimburse you. Please bring documentation to your dealer which reasonably confirms the amount of unreimbursed repair expense, the date of the repair, and the person or entity performing the repair so you may submit a claim for reimbursement.


If either safety belt in your Corvette is currently locked-up - or ever locks-up in the future - we will replace the safety belts at no charge. Chevrolet is utilizing a special parts distribution program designed to help put the right replacement safety belt in your dealers hands quickly and without delay.

Instructions for making this correction have been sent to your dealer and parts are available. The labor time necessary to perform this service correction is approximately one-half (1/2) hour. Please ask your dealer how much additional time will be needed to schedule and process your vehicle.

Your Chevrolet dealer is best equipped to obtain parts and provide service to ensure that your vehicle is corrected as promptly as possible. If, however, you take your vehicle to your dealer on the agreed service date, and they do not remedy this condition on that date or within five (5) days, we recommend you contact the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center by calling 1-800-222-1020.

After contacting your dealer and the Customer Assistance Center, if you are still not satisfied that we have done our best to remedy this condition without charge and within a reasonable time, you may wish to write the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 Seventh Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20590 or call 1-800-424-9393 (Washington D.C. residents use 366-0123).

The enclosed owner reply card identifies your vehicle. Presentation of this card to your dealer will assist in making the necessary correction in the shortest possible time. if you have sold or traded your vehicle, please let us know by completing the postage paid reply card and returning it to us.

We are sorry to cause you this inconvenience; however, we have taken this action in the interest of your safety and continued satisfaction with our products.

General Motors bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, not a "do-it-yourselfer". They are written to inform those technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions and know-how to do a job properly and safely. If a condition is described, do not assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition. See a General Motors dealer servicing your brand of General Motors vehicle for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information.

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1984 - 1991 Corvette: Recall: Left & Right Side Safety Belt Retractor Replacement
  1. My Drivers side belt just locked up on me, contacted my local dealer yesterday and still no word.

  2. I am currently experiencing this issue with my vehicle and have been unsuccessful at attempts to get this vehicle repaired by the dealer

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