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1984 - 1986 Corvette: Service Bulletin: 1984 Corvettes Painted with 1986 Colors for General Managers Color Show

Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Subject: 1984 Corvettes Painted with 1986 Colors for General Managers Color Show
Model and Year: 1984 Corvettes
Bulletin Number: 84-64
Section: 10 (I)
Date: Feb., 1984


This cancels and replaces 84-64 dated February, 1984, which should be destroyed.  This bulletin corrects model information on 1986 colors used for General Managers Color Show.

Several 1984 Corvettes will be painted with 1986 proposed colors for demonstration vehicles for the 1986 General Managers Color Show.

These cars will be handled as new cars and will be sold immediately following the Color Show.  The vehicles will be sold to dealers in the Phoenix area.  All vehicles (approximately 12), will be finished with 1986 solid colors as shown on the following chart.

The paint on these vehicles will be available through the paint sources indicated in the chart.

Should it be necessary to repair the subject vehicles, the normal paint procedures can be used.

Exterior ColorSourceSource ID
(Wentsville) Silver Met. Inmont WACC 7781
Black Met. Inmont CSA 3039
Bright Red Inmont CSR 2209
WACC 8553
White Met. Inmont CSA 3032
Med. Gray Met. Inmont CSA 1283
Yellow Inmont CSY 1109
Flame Red Inmont CSR 2208
Russet Met. Inmont CSR 2210
Silver Beige Inmont WACC 7415
Dk. Beige Met. Inmont CSO 2738
Gold Inmont GM Code 53
Nassau Blue Inmont CSB 26300

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