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1970 Corvette Coupe: Service News: Sport Coupe Roof Panel Weatherstrip Replacement

Subject:    Sport Coupe Roof Panel Weatherstrip Replacement
Model and Year:  1970 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   4
Date:  Section 1A, March 1970, Volume 42, Number 3



1.  Remove roof panel and place upside down on soft clean surface.

2.  Remove screw on each side of headliner panel.

3.  Pry headliner loose from nylon retainers at eight (8) locations.  Remove headliner.

4.  Pry out plastic buttons retaining weatherstrip to roof panel.

5.  Clean old sealer off roof.

6.  Apply sealer to roof panel along the entire outline of the roof panel where the weatherstrip is to lie.

7.  Install new weatherstrip at screw attachment end engaging all plastic retainers.  Push down along strip to uniformly spread the sealer.

8.  Secure weatherstrip to roof panel with four (4) screws.

9.  Reinstall headliner panel.

10.  Reinstall roof panel.

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