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1968 Corvette: Recall: Product Campaign No. 8005 Left Front Fender Skirt to Brake Pipe Clearance

Model Year: 1968 Corvette
Subject: Product Campaign No. 8005 Left Front Fender Skirt to Brake Pipe Clearance
Source: Chevrolet Zone System Network
Number: Chevrolet Campaign Number 8005, Origin No: SER-182, C.O. No: 67-1117
Date: November 21, 1967


The attached Chevrolet Dealer Product Campaign Bulletin No. 68-C-5 will be forwarded to all dealers on the date indicated on the bulletin.  The following will be included with that mailing to each dealer:

Dealers with no affected units:  Four copies of bulletin only; no other enclosures.

Dealers with one or more affected units:

  1. Four copies of bulletin.
  2. One copy of serial listing for these dealers.
  3. Campaign card for each vehicle on which Chevrolet Central Office had no name and address.

Vehicle Distribution/Responsibility -- The attached sheet indicates the number of units assigned to all responsible locations.

Owner Notification -- Central Office will forward certified notification, campaign cards enclosed, to all owners known to Chevrolet at this time.  Those owners appear on the campaign listings.

Dealers will review listings against dealer records and advised the Zone Service Departments on those recently delivered owner names and addresses unknown to Chevrolet at time of campaign announcement.  Campaign cards on those units were furnished to dealers with the bulletin and listings; those cards are to be forwarded to the Zone for enclosure into the Zone certified mail (return receipt requested) notification to these remaining owners.

Zones are to reproduce the original notification letter shown in the dealer bulletin; Zone stationary is acceptable.

It is necessary that Zones follow every dealer in obtaining a fast return of those names and addresses requiring Zone notification.  To expedite notification to the owner, the Zone may elect to enclose a spare blank card, partially completed to show serial, dealer and campaign numbers in those instances where the dealer neglected to furnish the original card.

Control File Purification/Reporting -- All other handling procedures for this campaign are set forth in Chapter 15 of the Zone Office Manual-Service.  Every Zone Service Department is to revise the existing weekly Progress report form to show this Product Campaign No. 8005.  All Zones are to report progress for this campaign beginning December 1, 1967.

Very truly yours,

J.C. Purcell, Director - Service Department

1968 Corvette - Product Campaign No. 8005 Left Front Fender Skirt to Brake Pipe Clearance   

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