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1963 Corvette: Service News: Radiator Service Updates

Subject: Radiator Service Updates
Model and Year: 1963 Corvettes
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Number: Volume 35, Number 7
Date: July-August 1963, Page 3

Delcotron Brace Chafes Corvette Radiator Hose

Chafing can occur between the engine water outlet hose (radiator inlet) and the Delcotron brace on 1963 air conditioned Corvettes.  Vehicles should be checked for this condition and if interference is detected the contacting area of the Delcotron brace should be heavily wrapped with plastic type electrical tape. Corvettes without air conditioning have the Delcotron mounted on the right side of the engine, and are not subject to this problem.

Corvette Radiator Lower Hose Replacement

When necessary to replace the radiator lower hose on a 1963 Corvette, it is recommended that the following service procedure be utilized.

  1. Drain radiator.
  2. Remove fan shroud as outlined in the 1963 Corvette Shop Manual.
  3. Disconnect the radiator lower hose at the water pump.
  4. Remove the radiator and lower hose as an assembly.
  5. Install the new hose on the radiator; then re-install the radiator and connect hose at water pump.  Install fan shroud and fill radiator.

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