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1966 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Overheating at Idle

Subject: Overheating at Idle
Model and Year: 1966 Corvettes Equipped with 427 - 390 HP (RPO L36) with Factory Air Conditioning (RPO C60) 
Source: Service Update - Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter
Number: TNP #66-1
Date: November 16, 1965

Overheating at Idle - 1966 Corvette with L-36 and C-60

Overheating may be experienced in the field on early production 1966 Corvettes equipped with the L-36 engine and air conditioning.  Complaints of this nature may be due to the use of a 5.90" diameter water pump and fan pulley.  Replace the 5.90 diameter pulley with a 5.39 diameter water pump and fan pulley, and then change belts as necessary.

In addition to the pulley substitution, the top of the radiator support should be checked to determine if the radiator support seal has been installed.  Some early production Corvettes were built without this seal.  If no seal is present, one should be installed.  The effective production date for both the pulley and seal will be supplied when available.

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