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1961 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Corvette Fuel Spillage - Gas Tank Filler Cap

Subject:  Corvette Fuel Spillage - Gas Tank Filler Cap
Model Year:  1961
Date:  November 21, 1960
Bulletin Number: DR #456, Section VII


Fuel spillage forom the gas tank filler cap may occur on early production 1961 Corvettes during right hand turns.  The spillage occurs through a vent hole in the filler cap.  This cap was installed on units prior to Serial #S101750 and can be identified by the word "VENTED" stamped across the face of the cap.

A new Cap Assembly Part #3787292 which incorporates a pressure and vacuum valve to eliminate spillage and also vent the tank is now available in Parts Stock and should be used as replacement on all model Corvettes.

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