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1957 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Fitting Hard Top on Corvettes

Subject:   Fitting Hard Top on Corvettes
Model and Year:   1956 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service Bulletin - Denver Zone 10 Bulletin
Bulletin No:   SMD-57-10, DZ-57-54, SMD-57-10
Date:   February 26, 1957

Some field reports have been received where the dowel pins in the hard top would not line up with either the holes in the windshield upper molding or the holes in the molding in the deck area.  Generally the hard tops are not too long but the distance between the two points on the body is too short.

The correct center to center distance between the hole in molding on the deck area and the windshield upper frame is approximately 31-5/8".

If this dimension is short, any one or all of the following methods of correction may be used:

1.  If the vehicle also has a convertible top, especially a good tight fitting one, check to see that the windshield upper frame has not been pulled off from the glass.

2.  If the hard top fits poorly on the left side only, check the adjustment of the parking brake length between the underside of the instrument panel and the toe pan.  Increase this length if the adjustment is inclined to be tight.

3.  Elongate the hole in the rear upper panel moldings.  This changes to be incorporated in the future material.

4.  The pins in the hard top may be carefully bent to permit entry.

5.  Shim between the windshield and the cowl.  Shim the windshield high at the rear to nothing at the front.

This is for your information.

Very truly yours,

L.E. Brown

Zone Service & Mechanical Manager

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