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1959 - 1960 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Front and Rear Door Glass Loose in Run Channels

Subject:   Front and Rear Door Glass Loose in Run Channels
Model and Year:   1959 - 1960 Passenger Cars
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   DR #651
Section:    I
Date:   April 7, 1960


If front or rear door widow glasses are excessively loose in the glass run channels, causing rattles or air leaks, the condition may be corrected as follows:


The condition of "in and out" looseness may be corrected by installing black insulated wire or similar material between the glass run channel and the inboard side of door window frame as shown in Section "A-A", figure #1.  Wire should be approximately 15" long.  Insert wire from belt line to top of window frame.  Trim off excess wire as required.

The degree of "in and out" movement of the door window will determine the gauge of wire necessary to correct this discrepancy; however, a #14 gauge wire will normally correct the condition.  On doors where the "in and out" movement of the window is very small, #20 gauge wire may be adequate.

If glass is still loose, a second piece of wire may be inserted between the channel and outboard side of window frame.

On front doors, the repair may be performed along the door lock pillar section only.  However, on rear doors, the repair may be performed along either lock pillar or hinge pillar sections, or both, depending upon severity of condition.

After repair has been performed, operate window assembly several times to insure proper operation.


On front doors, the glass may be considered  excessively loose if with window in the down position, the door glass comes out of the ventilator division channel.  This condition can be corrected by obtaining a commercially available glass anti-rattle shim strip and inserting it between the rear edge of the glass and glass run channel.  After insertion of the strip, operate window several times to insure proper operation.  If the glass is still loose, it may be necessary to install an anti-rattle strip at the front edge of the glass.


"Up and Down" movement of the front or ear door window assembly is an inherent characteristic due to the design of the window regulators assembly.  The condition, although more pronounced on styles equipped with single arm regulators, must be considered standard.

1959 - 1960 Corvette - Front and Rear Door Glass Loose in Run Channels  

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