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1956 - 1960 Corvette: Chevrolet Central Office Letter: Substitution for 1961 Corvette Hardtop Assemblies on Prior Models

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Subject: Substitution for 1961 Corvette Hardtop Assemblies on Prior Models
Model and Year: 1956-1960 Chevrolet Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Central Office Letter
Number: 61-613
Date: June 30, 1961


Central Office is receiving requests to supply Corvette Hardtop Assemblies for 1960 and earlier models.

These Hardtop Assemblies were discontinued from service in the normal course of business following the expiration of the 1960 models.

A practical installation of the 1961 Corvette Hardtop can be made on these prior models, but referral to the ordering Dealer should be made to be certain this substitution is satisfactory, prior to making shipment. The attached "Proposed Letter to Dealers" is recommended whenever an order is received for a 1960 model hardtop, Part Nos. 3764630-1-2.

Yours very truly,

F.J. Welsh, Mgr. P & A Interchangeability
P & A Merchandising Department


Recently you placed an order with us for a 1958-1960 model Corvette Hardtop Assembly, Part No._____________________________.

We regret to advise this part is no longer available; however ,the 1961 Corvette hardtop Assembly can be satisfactorily installed on 1956-1960 Corvette Models by following the procedure listed on the attachment to this letter.

Please advise if you wish us to ship you the 1961 Corvette Hardtop Assembly, Part No. 3785209. If so, fill out a PC 66 Order Form and forward to the warehouse in the normal manner. Regular terms of replacement parts sales will apply.

Please retain the attached installation instructions for mounting this Hardtop Assembly when it is received by you, if you select to order the 1961 model unit.

Yours very truly,


  1. Place the top in position on the body and fasten the front end securely by closing the two retaining clamps over the brackets mounted on the windshield header bar.

  2. Carefully, press in the sides of the top at the rear of the door openings, allowing the U shaped retaining brackets on each side of the top to slide over the body trim moulding ends at the door openings. (This will both position and retain the top assembly on each side at the rear of the door openings.)

  3. Fill in the space between the body and top rear lower trim moulding weatherstrip by cementing flat sponge rubber sealing strips to the underside of the moulding whenever an opening of sufficient size exists to require sealing.

  4. Using the two pierced retaining brackets mounted on the rear of the Hardtop Assembly as a template, locate and drill two holes in the folding top compartment cover. Assemble the two special internal threaded retaining inserts furnished in this package into these holes and fasten securely by tightening the mounting nuts. Fasten down the rear of the Hardtop Assembly with the retaining studs, also furnished in this package.

  5. Paint the vinyl coated headlining to match the body internal color, if necessary.

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1956 - 1960 Corvette: Chevrolet Central Office Letter: Substitution for 1961 Corvette Hardtop Assemblies on Prior Models

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