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1957 Corvette: Service News: Door Inner Panel Water Deflector

Subject:    Door Inner Panel Water Deflector
Model and Year:  1957 Passenger Cars
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   3
Date:  September 1957 - Volume 29 - Number 9

Whenever service operations are performed on a passenger car door assembly where it becomes necessary to disturb the door inner panel water deflector (treated paper moisture barrier), the deflector must be properly resealed to prevent serious door water leaks.

For service operations which require access to a particular area of the door inner panel, the water deflector may be cut and turned back to provide necessary access.  Cut the deflector in a straight line and over a portion of the door inner panel having the least depression.  The cut area must be resealed with waterproof body tape.

For service operations necessitating the installation of a replacement water deflector, it is recommended that the existing deflector carefully be removed using a sharp scraper to break the cement bond to the inner panel.  The replacement water deflector should be trimmed, using the old deflector as a template.  Installation of the new deflector should be performed, using a continuous bead of approved weatherstrip cement along the edges.

For both complete and partial water deflector removal, the lower edge of the deflector should be checked to make certain it is properly inserted in the slot along the lower portion of the door inner panel.  Waterproof body tape should be applied to the water deflector and door inner panel to provide a water seal at the ends of the retaining slot.

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