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1959 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Missing Glove Box Items: Owner’s Manual - Owner’s Protection Policy

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Subject:   1959 Owner Protection Policy - 1959 Owner Service Policy (Truck) - Missing or Wrong Booklet in Vehicle
Model and Year:   1959 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   Z-22-289
Zone:   #22 Louisville, Kentucky
Date:    December 11, 1958


The new Owner Protection Policy for passenger cars and Owner Service Policy for trucks, starting with 1959 models, is to be placed in the glove compartment of all vehicles by the Production Department in the same manner as the Owner Manual.  Realizing that errors will be made, that the wrong booklet will get into a vehicle or no booklet at all, the following procedure has been established to handle this condition.

  1. Should you received a vehicle with no booklet at all - report this on the GSD 766 New Vehicle Inspection Report, under the Transportation Damage section of the form.  You make up one of these Inspection Reports, as you know, on every vehicle within 24 hours of arrival at your dealership.

    The GSD 766 is sent to the Zone Service Department. Upon receipt, we will promptly mail you a booklet to go in the vehicle involved.

  2. Should you receive a passenger car with a truck booklet, or vice-versa, report this on the GSD 766 in the Transportation Damage section AND ATTACH THIS INCORRECT BOOKLET TO THE GSD 766 WHEN YOU SEND IT TO THE ZONE SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

    The Zone Service Department will then mail you the correct booklet for the vehicle involved.

In all cases when making out the GSD 766 New Vehicle Inspection Report BE SURE TO SHOW THE COMPLETE VEHICLE SERIAL NUMBER INCLUDING THE PREFIX SUCH AS "F59N-108574". We mention this because some are coming in with only part of the serial number, such as "108574", etc.

All requests for booklets or anything in connection with this procedure should be handled with the Zone Service Department only.  Requests to Car Distribution or other departments of the Zone Office only delay handling.

We will appreciate your covering this with all personnel involved in your organization.

Very truly yours,

J.T. Hagy

Zone Service Manager

1959 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Missing Glove Box Items: Owner’s Manual - Owner’s Protection Policy

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