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1960 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Accelerator Pedal Falls Off Retaining Studs

Subject:   Accelerator Pedal Falls Off Retaining Studs
Model and Year:   1960 Corvette Models
Source:  General Motors of Canada - Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:  NA
Section:   NA
Date:  June 15th, 1960

There has been a few complaints that the 1960 Corvette accelerator pedal snaps off of the two retaining studs at the heel end of the pedal, due to an interference condition between the floor mat material and the heel flap of the pedal.

As a Production correction, the assembly plant will revert to the 1959 design pedal, part #3760271, which does not incorporate the heel flap.

1960 Corvette Accelerator Pedal

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