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1960 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Instrument Lens Cracking and Checking

Subject:   Instrument Lens Cracking and Checking
Model and Year:   1960 Passenger Car
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   DR #448
Section:   XII
Date:    August 23, 1960


Field complaints of instrument lens cracking or checking on 1960 Passenger Cars have been traced to the means of lens retention in the various instruments.

A revised retaining bezel has been released for production and is available in Service Parts Stock.  Three bezel pressure pads have been added and the number of crimps has been changed from eight to four as shown in the illustration.

When replacing a damaged lens, it will also be necessary to replace the first design bezel with the revised bezel listed below.  no changes has been made to the individual fuel, temperature and tell-tale lenses.


5655207 -- Bezel

The new bezel should be crimped in one place on each of four flanges as shown in sketch after it is positioned over the lens.  When reinstalling gauge assembly to instrument panel, tighten mounting screws a minimum amount necessary to remove looseness and rattle of the lens.  Do not overtighten!

1960 Corvette Instrument Lens Cracking and Checking  

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