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1954 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Foot Operated Windshield Washer Electric Windshield Wiper

Subject: Foot Operated Windshield Washer Electric Windshield Wiper
Model and Year: 1954 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number:  DR - 189, Section I
Date:   December 13, 1954


In cases where pedal operation of Foot Operated Windshield Washer, when used in conjunction with Electric Windshield Wiper, will not start wiper action and/or the interval between time water arrives the following correction should be made.


Obtain Switch Slider Unit #5097911 which consists of a new nylon slider, clip and instruction sheet.  The new slider is more rigid and reduces the travel lost due to flexibility of the old type slider.

The instructions for slide replacement are as follows:

  • Turn ignition switch off.
  • Loosen the clamp which holds the Bowden cable to the wiper motor and disconnect the Bowden wire from the plastic slider.
  • Remove the slider switch cover and slide by removing  four cover screws.
  • Remove all burrs and rough edges from the metal guide on cover.  Replace the switch slide with nylon part, lubricate with Petroleum jelly or Lubriplate and slide in cover guide.  Move slide back and forth to check freeness.
  • Install cover and slide on motor being careful that the breaker arm pin is inserted in the oval slide opening.  Clearance between the slide and the cable stool on the motor will be approximately 1/16 when properly installed.
  • Check the windshield wiper control cable for kinks and freedom of operation.  Remove kinks if necessary, then connect the Bowden wire to the switch slide and clamp to the wiper motor using the special retainer clip enclosed in the service package.
  • Check the routing of the windshield wiper control cable.  Cable is to be routed between the steering column support rods and under the defroster duct.
  • Check to see that the switch slide operates freely with the control knob on the instrument panel.


  • Rework Bowden cable wire from front operated pump to wiper motor.  It will be necessary to remove pump to accomplish reworking.
  • Remove cable assembly from pump and cut three (3) turns of conduit from pump end.  The turns of conduit can be separated and cut with side cutters.  Be careful not to damage wires.
  • Reinstall Bowden cable assembly on pump with approximately 1/8" of conduit extending thru clamp toward actuating arm and tighten clamp.
  • Reinstall pump and cable assembly.
  • Insure full travel of pump plunger by clearing the floor mat jute away from the pump bushing.
  • Route the Bowden cable underneath the steering column and vertically up the breakline where the flat of the front of dash drops away for engine clearance.  Directly outboard from the rocker cover there is a small raised pad on the front of the dash bordering  the breakline.  The pad has two dimples.  Punch a hole in the upper dimple and install the Bowden cable clip using a sheet metal screw.  From the clip position the cable should make a full curve to its mounting position on the wiper motor.
  • This information supplements the information given in the Windshield Washer Installation instructions.

The wiper motor should then turn on within the last quarter of its full travel and should turn off upon release of pump plunger button.

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