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1957 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Spark Plug Replacement

Model Year: 1957
Subject: 1957 Corvette Spark Plug Recommendations
Source: Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: DR #295
Section: VIy
Date: May 22, 1957


Inasmuch as the grater percentage of Corvette engines are being operated in traffic congested areas AC-46 Spark Plugs are now being installed in production.

AC-46 entered production 4-9-57, Serial number E57S103268.

Corvette Engine Spark Plug Recommendations

TypeType DrivingPart No.
AC-46 City 1559494
AC-44 Town & Country 1559492
C-43 Comm. Heavy Duty & High Speed 5612002
C-42-1 Comm. Road Racing 5612140

Above information will be inserted in the Corvette Operations Manual and will appear in next edition.

Corvette Engiens with AC 46-5 Plugs

170 Corvettes wewre built during period 3-29 to 4-9-57 with AC 46-5 Plugs installed.

Serial # E57S-103098 to 103268.

These plugs should be changed to AC-46 due to spark plug boots not fitting the AC-46-5 plugs properly.

In cases where units operating in heavy traffic continue to oil foul spark plugs oil shedders should be installed.

E.L. Harvey
Manager, Serice & Operations Dept.


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