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1955 Corvette: Zone Letter: Directional Signal Failures

Subject:   Directional Signal Failures
Model and Year:   1955 Chevrolet Vehicles and Panel Trucks with Dual Tail Light Option RPO 249
Source:  Chevrolet Motor Division - Zone Letter - Milwaukee Zone Office
No:  P&A 55-6
Date:    June 29, 1955



Directional Signal Failures - 1955

We have received inquiries as to the installation of 1955 Second Series Directional Signals.  Please be guided by the following information:

A complete investigation of the matter has been made, and it was disclosed that the Source was improperly clinching the connecting terminals to the plastic-covered wires so tightly that the copper wire was being cut in two, leaving the terminal attached only to the plastic insulation covering the wire.  This resulted in an open circuit and the Direction Signals would not operate.

We suggest that if you experience this difficulty, that you check the terminals at the plastic connectors to make sure the wire has not been cut in two.  This can be easily checked by pulling on the terminal and if the wire is cut, it will let the terminal stretch out when pulled.

If the wire is out, it can be repaired quickly by removing the terminal and exposing a short piece of the copper wire and re-clinching the terminal to the wire.

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