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1955 Corvette: Service Bulletin: V-8 Corvette Radio Interference

Subject:    V-8 Corvette Radio Interference
Model and Year: 1955 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin - #41, Wichita, Kansas Zone
Bulletin Number: 21
Date:   May 20, 1955

The Engineering Department advises the following procedure to eliminate or materially reduce the interference on the 1955 V-8 Corvette Radio:

1.  Add two braided ground straps to the front engine mounting and ground them to frame.

2.  Two braided ground straps fastened on "U" Bolt in the hump of tail pipe under rear axle to frame.

3.  Add .5 M.F.D 100 or 150 working volt condenser from the battery lead on the headlight switch assembly to ground.

Yours very truly

B.H. Berryhill
Zone Service Manager

  • Source: Vette Vues - May 1997 - Page 80
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