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1955 Corvette: Service Bulletin: New Temperature Gauge

Subject:  New Temperature Gauge
Model and Year: 1955 Passenger Car - V-8 Models
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin
Bulletin No: DR-222
Section:  XII
Date: October 13, 1955

To:  All Chevrolet Dealers:

Some overheating complaints on late 1955 Passenger Models equipped with V-8 engines have been received which can be directly attributed to the recalibration of the temperature gauge as no water loss occurs.

The new gauge may operate in a range to the right of the center white dot when the engine has become normalized.  The range of operation will vary with various temperature thermostats and a sharp rise can be expected when engine is idled excessively or when just stopped due to residual heat.

As a result of "running cool" on complaints on early V-8 engines, the temperature gauge was recalibrated to provide a more accurate indication of V-8 engine operating temperature.

This change has been in production about 60 days.


Description      * New Part No.

GAUGE -           1513145
Water Temperature

* Gauge, Part No. 1512931, used in early V-8 engines continues to be used in 6 cylinder models.

EL Harrig
Manager, Service and Mechanical Department

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