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1958 - 1961 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Fuel Pump Diaphragm Leakage

Subject: Fuel Pump Diaphragm Leakage
Model and Year: 1958-61 V-8 High Capacity Fuel Pump (348 V-8 Type)
Source: Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: DR #474, Section VIm - (May 23, 1961)


If fuel leakage occurs between the pulsator diaphragm and the fuel pump cover on the subject pump, Part #5624444 Fuel Pump Parts Package should be used for repairs.

This package includes a new oval shaped pulsator diaphragm, two new screws and lock washers.  The new diaphragm shape prevents it from being pulled into the pulsator cavity by the pump vacuum.  The pulsator cover screws with lock washers prevent loss of cover screw torque.

The new pulsator diaphragm, screws and lock washers were incorporated in Production and Service fuel pumps produced after December 19, 1960.  These fuel pumps, listed below, can be identified by the pulsator diaphragm which extends approximately 1/4" beyond the pulsator cover.


5624444 All Below Fuel Pump Parts Package
5621718 1959-61 Pass. 348 H.P. Fuel Pump
* 5621665 1958-61 Pass. 348
1958-59 Pass. 283 w/F.I.
1959 Pass. 348 H.P.
1958-61 Corvette
1958-61 Truck V-8
Fuel Pump
5621644 1958 Pass. 348 3 x 2 Fuel Pump

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