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1989 Corvette Production and Performance Numbers

1988 Corvette Model Year Highlights

  • The L98 engine for remained the same for 1989, but the highlight of the model year was the introduction of the new 6-speed manual transmission built by ZF (Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen) featuring a Computer Aided Gear Selection (CAGS) feature that would lock out 2nd and third gears upon light throttle.
  • The special six-slot 16 x 8.5 wheels which came standard with P255/50ZR16 tires on 1988 models were replaced in 1989 by the P275/40ZR17 tire and 17" wheel setup which was used on the 1988 Z51/Z52 options.
  • Although RPO Z52 was no longer an option for 1989, a new Selective Ride and Handling System (RPO FX3) was introduced and only came with the RPO Z51 Performance Handling package. The SRC system offered three modes of driving: Tour, Sport and Performance.  For more information on the FX3 system, please see our FX3 Selective Ride Control Shock Absorbers technical article by Corvette Journalist, Hib Halverson.
  • Another new option for 1989 Corvettes was the Low Tire Pressure Warning System (RPO UJ6). The system consisted of a metal band and sensor wrapped around the inside of each wheel which emitted a radio signal picked up by an onboard computer when the tire pressure on one of the wheels dropped below a certain threshold value.
  • Further refinements included the following:  a simiplified folding top mechanism for convertibles and restyled seats.  Sport leather seats were only offered on the Z51 equipped Corvettes due to the increased weight of the seats and overall fuel economy issues.

The following production numbers for the 1989 Corvette came from the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly plant in 1989.

RPO Description Price Quantity Percent of Production
1YY07 Base Coupe $31,545 16,663 63%
1YY67 Base Convertible $36,785 9,749 37%
Total:  26,412 100%

Available Options
RPO Description Price Production
AC1 Power Passenger Seat $240.00 20,578
AC3 Power Driver Seat $240 25,606
AQ9 Leather Sport Seats - U.S. $1,025 1,777
AQ9 Leather Sport Seats - Canada Export $1,025 1,174
AQ9 Leather Sport Seats - Europe Export $1,025 201
AQ9 Leather Sport Seats - Japan Export $1,025 110
AR9 Base Leather Seats $400 23,364
B2K Callaway Twin Turbo $25,895 69
B4P Radiator Boost Fan $75 20,281
CC2 Convertible Hardtop NA 1,573
CC3 See-Thru Roof Panel NA 12,790
C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels $915 5,274
24S Removable Roof Panel, blue tint $615 8,748
64S Removable Roof Panel, bronze tint $615 4,042
C68 Electronic Air Conditioning $150 24,675
DL8 Twin Remote Heated Mirrors (convert.) $35 6,582
D74 Illuminated Driver Vanity Mirror $58 17,414
FX3 Selective Ride and Handling System $1,695 1,573
G92 Performance Axle Ratio, 3.07:1 $22 10,211
K05 Engine Block Heater $20 2,182
KC4 Engine Oil Cooler $110 20,162
MD8 Automatic Transmission $0.00 22,299
ML9 6-spd, Manual Transmission $0.00 4,113
NN5 California Emission Requirements $100 4,501
UJ6 Low Tire Pressure Warning System $325 6,976
UU8 Delco Bose Stereo System $773 24,145
V01 Heavy Duty Radiator $40 20,888
V56 Luggage Rack (convert.) $140 616
Z51 Performance Handling Pkg. (coupe) $575 2,224
ZR1 ZR1 Pilot/Prototype Vehicles NA 84

Other Production Options
RPO Description   RPO Description
AS8 Manual Restraint System   G44 3.07 Rear Axle Ratio
CF7 Non-Transparent Removable Roof Panel   JL9 Anti-Lock Brakes (Front/Rear)
C49 Electric Rear Defogger   K68 105 Amp Generator
C60 Manaul Control Air Conditioning   L98 5.7 Liter, V-8 Engine, TPI
DL8 Twin Electric Remote Heated Sport Mirrors   MD8 4-Spd. Auto. Transmission, THM 700-R4
D3X Speedometer Driven Gear (25513049)   NA5 Leaded Fuel Emission Systemr
D4D Speedometer Driven Gear (25513047)   NK4 Sport Leather Steering Wheel
D7B Speedometer Driven Gear (25513050)   QA1 17x9.5 Aluminum Styled Wheel
D7C Speedometer Driven Gear (25513043)   T93 Special Tail and Stop Lamps
D9A Speedometer Sensor (25007224)   UM6 Stereo Radio w/ Cassette, Electric Tuned
D9B Speedometer Sensor (25007308)   T85 Left Rule of Road Headlamps
FE1 Soft Ride Suspension   UQ4 Bose Speaker System
FE7 Heavy Duty Suspension   U19 Instrument Cluster, Kilometers/Miles
GH0 3.54 Rear Axle Ratio   U52 Cluster, Electronic
GM1 2.59 Rear Axle Ratio   XAU Front Tire: P275/40ZR17
GU2 2.73 Rear Axle Ratio   YAU Rear Tire: P275/40ZR17
GW4 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio   Z6A Rear Window and Side Mirror Defogger System

Exterior/Interior Color Options
RPO Exterior Interior Soft Top Coupe Convertible Total Production
10U White B-BK-G-R-S B-S-W 3,220 2,206 5,426
20U Medium Blue Metallic B-BK BK-W 925 503 1,428
28U Dark Blue Metallic BK-S BK-S-W 1,233 698 1,931
31U Arctic Pearl* NA NA 24 3 27
35U Yellow* Buckskin NA 8 0 8
41U Black BK-G-R-S BK-S-W 2,925 1,930 4,855
68U Dark Red Metallic BK-S BK-S-W 2,341 1,068 3,409
81U Bright Red BK-G-R-S BK-S-W 4,759 2,904 7,663
90U Gray Metallic BK-G BK-W 162 63 225
96U Charcoal Metallic BK-G-S BK-S-W 1,066 374 1,440

* - Note:  Color production numbers are from the Bowling Green Assembly plant. According to the Corvette Black Book by Michael Antonick:  "Though not listed on 1989 exterior color availability charts, Chevrolet records indicate 8 code 35 Yellow/Bucksin, and 27 code 31 Arctic Pearl 1989 Corvettes were built. Code 90U was cancelled in November 1988."

Abbreviations:  B=Blue, BK=Black, C=Cloth, G=Gray, L=Leather, R=Red, S=Saddle, W=White, (b)=base, (s)=sport

Interior Color Codes
RPO Color Production
19C BK/C 871 (b)
60C S/C 400 (b)
192 BK/L 852 (s)
8,186 (b)
212 B/L 55 (s)
1,428 (b)
602 S/L 226 (s)
4,159 (b)
732 R/L 425 (s)
6,714 (b)
902 G/L 219 (s)

Convertible Top Color Codes
RPO Color Production

Performance Review
Magazine GM Spec. RT
Pub. Date   1989
Model   Z51 Coupe
Transmission   6-Speed Manual
0-30 mph (sec) NA 2.2
0-40 mph (sec) NA 3.2
0-50 mph (sec) NA 4.8
0-60 mph (sec) NA 6.2
0-70 mph (sec) NA 13.2
0-80 mph (sec) NA 10.5
0-90 mph (sec) NA 13.0
0-100 mph (sec) NA 15.9
0-110 mph (sec) NA NA
0-120 mph (sec) NA NA
0-130 mph (sec) NA NA
1/4 Mile (sec/mph) NA 14.8 / 97
Top Speed (mph) NA NA
Braking (ft.) NA 137 ft. (60 - 0 mph)
232 ft. (80 - 0 mph)
Lateral Accel. (g) NA 0.91
RT = Road & Track magazine