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1988 Corvette Production and Performance Numbers

1988 Corvette Model Year Highlights

  • The L98 engine for the 1988 model year saw a 5 hp increase for coupes equipped with the 3.07:1 rear axle due to less restrictive mufflers.  These mufflers were not used on coupes equipped with the 2.59:1 rear axle or convertibles due to noise restriction.
  • New for 1988 and only for this model year were special six-slot 16 x 8.5 wheels which came standard with P255/50ZR16 tires.
  • For 1988, further model refinements included dyed carpeting, carpeted door sills, relocated parking brake and improved ventilation for coupes, more efficient air conditioning via a new Nippondenso compressor, improved hood support, new Nippondenso gear reduction starter and new dual piston front brake calipers.  The front suspension was also redesigned to reduce steering wheel resistance during brake torque by eliminating scrub radius.
  • Fifty six, street legal Corvette Challenge cars were built for the 1988 SCCA Corvette Challenge race series.  Fifty cars were sent to Protofab in Wixom, MI for racing gear installation.  The engines were specially built at the Flint, MI engine plant, sealed and shipped to the Bowling Green, KY Corvette facility for regular assembly.
  • There were 2,050 35th Anniversary Edition Corvettes to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the marque.  This option was only available on coupes and included a white exterior with black painted roof bow and specially painted white wheels.  The interior was given special accents including white leather seats and steering wheel, special console mounted commemorative plaque and special emblems.
  • Both Z51 and Z52 performance handling packages came equiped with new 17 x 9.5 inch wheels mounted on P275/40ZR17 tires. The Z51 option was limited to coupes only where as the Z52 option was available on all models.  Z51 improvements included finned power steering cooler, higher spring rates and larger front brake rotos and calipers than what previously appeared on the 1987 model year.

The following production numbers for the 1988 Corvette came from the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly plant in 1988.

Available Options
RPO Description Price Production
1YY07 Base Coupe $29,489 15,382
1YY67 Base Convertible $34,820 7,407
24S Removable Roof Panel, blue tint (CC3) $615 8,332
64S Removable Roof Panel, bronze tint (CC3) $615 3,337
AC1 Power Passenger Seat $240 18,779
AC3 Power Driver Seat $240 22,084
AQ9 Leather Sport Seats
   European Export
   Japanese Export
$1,025 12,724
AR9 Base Leather Seats $400 9,043
B2K Callaway Twin Turbo $25,895 124
B4P Radiator Boost Fan $75 19,035
C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels $915 5,091
C49 Rear Defogger NA 14,648
C68 Electronic Air Conditioning $150 19,372
CC3 See-thru Plastic Top NA 11,669
DL8 Twin Remote Heated Mirrors (convert.) $35 6,582
D74 Illuminated Driver Vanity Mirror $58 14,249
FG3 Delco Bilstein Shock Absorbers $189 18,437
G92 Performance Axle Ratio, 3.07:1 $22 4,497
KC4 Engine Oil Cooler $110 18,877
MD8 Automatic Transmission $0.00 18,507
MH5 Manual Transmission $0.00 2,637
MK2 Manual Transmission $0.00 1,645
MM4 4-spd, Manual Trans. $0.00 4,282
NN5 California Emission Requirements $99 3,882
UL5 Radio Delete $-297 179
UU8 Delco Bose Stereo System $773 20,304
V01 Heavy Duty Radiator $40 19,271
Z01 35th Anniversary Package (coupe) $4,795 2,050
Z51 Performance Handling Pkg. (coupe) $1,295 1,309
Z52 Sport Handling Pkg. (coupe) $970 16,017
Z6A Rear Window/Side Mirror Defoggers (coupe) $165 14,648

Other Production Options
RPO Description
AX4 European Belt System
DD9 Electric Outside Rear View Mirrors
K05 Engine Block Heater
K34 Electric Speed Control w/ Resume
L98 Engine, 5.7L V8, TPI
MX0 Auto. Transmission w/ Overdrive
NM5 Canadian Export Emission Reg.
NM8 Export Emission System
QZD P255/50VR16, Steel Belt Radial Tires
T84 Right Rule of Road Headlamps
T85 Left Rule of Road Headlamps
T89 Tail/Stop Lamp Assembly, European
U18 Export Speedometer
UJ6 Low Tire Pressure Warning System
UK1 Japanese Radio Frequency
UL2 European Radio Frequency
UM6 Electric Tuned Stereo w/ Cassette
V70 Front Tow Hook - Export
VD1 European Modifications
VE1 Japanese Modifications
Z49 Canadian Base Equipment Group
Production:  Coupes: 15,382  Convertibles:  7,407  Total:  22,789

Exterior/Interior Color Options
RPO Exterior Interior Soft Top Coupe Convertible Total
13U Silver Metallic BK-G-R-S BK-W NA NA 385
20U Medium Blue Metallic (Nassau Blue Metallic) B-BK BK-W 777 371 1,148
28U Dark Blue Metallic BK-S BK-S-W 1,123 552 1,675
35U Yellow BK-S BK-W 317 261 578
40U / 10U White B-BK-G-R-S B-S-W 2,110 1,510 3,620
41U Black BK-G-R-S BK-S-W 1,994 1426 3,420
66U Dark Orange (Pilot Vehicles Only) NA NA 5 NA 5
74U Dark Red Metallic BK-S BK-S-W 2,084 794 2,878
81U Bright Red BK-GR-R-S BK-S-W 3,434 1,906 5,340
90U Medium Smoke Gray Metallic BK-G BK-W 467 177 644
96U Charcoal Metallic (Dark Smoke Gray) G-S BK-S-W 767 279 1,046
40U/41U White/Black W NA NA NA 2,050

Interior Color Codes
RPO Color Production
60C S/C NA
113 W/L 2,050 (s)
192 BK/L 3,747 (s) - 3,087 (b)
212 B/L 919 (s) - 789 (b)
602 S/L 1,757 (s) - 1,449 (b)
732 R/L 2,913 (s) - 2,492 (b)
902 GR/L 1,338 (s) - 1,226(b)
(b) - base seats, (s) - sports seats
Convertible Top Color Codes
RPO Color Production
NA BK 3,431
NA S 1,165
NA W 2,811
Abbreviations:  B=Blue, BK=Black, C=Cloth, G=Gray, L=Leather, R=Red, S=Saddle, W=White

Performance Review
Magazine GM Spec. RT CD
Pub. Date   Feb. 1988 Sep. 1988
Model   Z51 Coupe Z51 Coupe
Transmission   4 spd. Man. + OD 4 spd. Man. + OD
0-30 mph (sec) NA 1.8 2.1
0-40 mph (sec) NA 2.8 NA
0-50 mph (sec) NA 4.3 NA
0-60 mph (sec) NA 6.0 6.0
0-70 mph (sec) NA 7.8 NA
0-80 mph (sec) NA 10.0 NA
0-90 mph (sec) NA 12.8 NA
0-100 mph (sec) NA 16.6 14.7
0-110 mph (sec) NA NA NA
0-120 mph (sec) NA NA NA
0-130 mph (sec) NA NA NA
1/4 Mile (sec/mph) NA 14.6 / 95.5 14.2 / 98.0
Top Speed (mph) NA 158 (est) 152
Braking (ft.) NA 135 ft. (60 - 0 mph) 172 ft. (70 - 0 mph)
Lateral Accel. (g) NA 0.89 0.89
CD = Car & Driver, RT = Road & Track magazines