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AU3 - Power Door Locks A42 - Power Driver Seat CC1 - Removable Glass Roof Panels C49 - Rear Window Defroster
DG7 - Electric Sport Mirrors D84 - Two Tone Paint FE7 - Gymkhana Suspension F51 - Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
G92 - Performance Axle Ratio K35 - Cruise Control MM4 - 4 Speed Manual Transmission N90 - Aluminum Wheels (4)
QGR - White Letter Steel Belted Tires P225/70R15 QXH - White Letter Steel Belted Tires P255/60R15 UL5 - Radio Delete UM4 - AM/FM Radio Stereo 8 Track
UM5 - AM/FM Radio Stereo With 8 Track And CB UM6 - AM/FM Radio Stereo With Cassette UN5 - AM/FM Radio Stereo With Cassette and CB U58 - AM-FM Radio Stereo
U75 - Power Antenna V54 - Roof Panel Carrier YF5 - California Emissions Certification ZN1 - Trailer Package
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