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Registry Summary as of Tuesday, October 26:  1627 Registered L81's

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About the L81 Corvette Registry

What is the L81 Corvette Registry?

The L81 Corvette Registry is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of the 1981 Corvette. Our goal is to document as many surviving 1981 Corvettes as possible, and provide a place to archive the historical significance of the 1981 Corvette.

Our site will provide all 1981 owners' access to technical information, statistical database, and links to online communities for additional technical support and Corvette gatherings throughout the Corvette World.

Joining the registry?

There are a couple requirements! You must own a 1981 Corvette and complete the registration form. The registration form is located at the top of the page by clicking on the "Register" tab. Please complete the registration with as much factual information as possible. Information from Window Stickers, Build Sheets, Trim Tag, Door Vehicle GW Sticker and Emission stickers under hood will help identify basic equipment and options. Actual RPO's can be found only on the original build sheet, order form or window sticker. The build sequence number (S/N) of each car is the LAST 6 digits for St. Louis built and LAST 7 digits for Bowling Green built 1981's. Example: St. Louis 4XXXXX; Bowling Green 5XXXXXX.

The completed form will be submitted to administration for approval prior to being posted in the data base. Please note that we will publish the following information: your first and last name, your state and country of residence, the build sequence number of your 1981 Corvette, and all factory options (RPOs) of your Corvette. We will respect your privacy.

What is an 'L81'?

L81 is the notation for the engine block used in 1981 Corvettes. The L81 was the only engine optional available in 1981 Corvettes. L81 Corvettes may not be the most valuable Corvettes on the road these days, but several factors (including the L81 engine), make it somewhat unique.

Another important fact about L81 Corvettes was that this model was made at two different plants - St. Louis, Missouri and Bowling Green, Kentucky. Following 1981, all Corvettes would be assembled in Bowling Green. When viewing our database, you will see the St. Louis built 1981's build numbers that begin with '4', where the Bowling Green built 1981's begin with '5'.

Have questions or need more information?

For more information about L81 (1981) Corvettes, please follow the "L81 Corvette" link located at the top of the page. For more information about the L81 Registry, please see the FAQ.

The Corvette Action Center does not have the resources to validate or confirm information provided to and for this Registry. Information provided in this Registry is as accurate as the information provided to us. It is not the intent of the Corvette Action Center to document fraudulent data, nor do we have the expertise to question beyond reason, information provided. The Corvette Action Center does due diligence to accurately document the Corvettes listed in this Registry, but does not, nor will the Corvette Action Center advise, inspect or arbitrate information provided.