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Back in 1981...
As Corvette production leaves St. Louis and enters Bowling Green, KY, the first Space Shuttle launches in to Earth's orbit as the happy little yellow, monster eating Pac-Man takes over the hearts and minds of arcade junkies.  This is the year that fiberglass-reinforced composite monoleaf rear springs is introduced on the Corvette which lands the Corvette with the Society of Plastics Engineers' Grand Award.
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L81 Vette Registry Forum: A specific forum for L81 Vette Registry members. Everyone is welcome.
L81 Vette Registry: A specific online registry for 1981 Corvettes and their owners.
First Bowling Green Corvette Built: First Bowling Green Corvette, produced June 1, 1981. All original, totally untouched with only 14 original miles.
Gallery: An online gallery of high quality 1981 Corvette pictures.
Gallery - First Bowling Green Corvette: Photos of the first Corvette built in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Gallery - Last St. Louis Corvette: Photos of the last Corvette built at the Saint Louis Corvette Assembly Plant.
Gallery - St. Louis Production: An online gallery of 1981 Corvette production at the St. Louis Assembly Plant.
Identification: VIN and vehicle identification methods for the 1981 Corvette.
Knowledgebase: A collection of service bulletins and related technical information on 1968 to 1982 Corvettes.
Last Saint Louis Corvette Built: Last St. Louis Corvette, produced July 31, 1981. All original, totally untouched with only 4 original miles.
LOF Glass Date Codes: LOF Glass Date Codes for the 1953 - 1982 Corvettes.
Powertrain Combinations: Powertrain combinations for the 1968 - 1982 Corvettes.
Primer 1981: A rare, primer 1981 Corvette.
Production and Performance: Production and performance numbers for the 1981 Corvette.
Production: 1968 - 1982: This graph depicts Corvette production of the third generation from 1968 to 1982.
Sales Brochure - Canada: The 1981 Corvette sales brochure from Canada.
Sales Brochure - U.S.: The 1981 Corvette sales brochure from the United States.
Specifications: General specifications for the 1981 Corvette.
Transmission Codes: 1968 - 1982 Corvette Transmission Codes
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1981 Corvette