Last Documented 1969 L88 Corvette Built

Mecum Auction Listing - Kissimmee, Florida - January 6-15, 2017:

Lot:  S140.1
Estimate:  $400,000 - $500,000
Final Selling Price:  NA

Built on December 4, 1969, the final day of L88 production, this NCRS Top Flight Award-winning 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 coupe is the last documented Corvette L88 ever produced. Sold new at Smiley Chevrolet Oldsmobile in Milan, Missouri, and delivered in the desirable combination of Fathom Green with a Saddle leather interior, it was recently the subject of a comprehensive body-off restoration by Thorpe’s Body and Corvette Shop, which has restored more than 40 L88 Corvettes and of which owner Tim Thorpe is a noted Bloomington Gold judge, restorer and preservation expert. The L88 embodied the ultimate version of the 427 CI Mark IV big-block V-8 that first appeared in the Corvette’s engine compartment in 1966. Announced in the spring of 1967, the L88 option was offered virtually without comment from Chevrolet management, specifically because of its intended purpose as the purest racing engine ever offered in a Corvette up to that point, and not surprisingly, for years afterward. Designed for power and bulletproof reliability at sustained high operating speeds, the L88 comprised a sturdy cast-iron block with 4-bolt mains, an extra-heavy-duty forged rotating assembly with domed pistons, 12.5:1 compression, a radical high-lift solid-lifter cam, aluminum heads and a low-profile aluminum dual-plane intake manifold with a Holley 850 CFM 4-barrel carburetor fed by a sealed cowl-induction hood. The L88 was available only with a small-diameter flywheel and high-capacity clutch, Muncie M22 “Rock Crusher” close-ratio 4-speed, G81 Positraction rear end, in this case with 3.70:1 gearing, K66 transistorized ignition, aluminum radiator and radio delete. In addition to its matching-numbers 427/430 HP L88 engine, the last documented L88 is equipped with J56 special heavy-duty brakes with J50 power assist, F41 suspension, Soft Ray-tinted glass and Rally wheels fitted with white-stripe tires. This landmark L88 Corvette is documented with the tank sticker, ownership history, NCRS certificate and judging sheets, and a title search back to the original owner.

Mecum Auction Listing - Dallas, TX - September 4-7, 2013:

Lot:  S130.1
Final Selling Price:  NA
Mecum Auction, Dallas, TX
September 4-7, 2013: This Lot scheduled to be sold SAT 2:45PM

- This car is known to be the "Last Documented L88" ever produced.

- Built on December 4th, 1969, the final day of L88 production
- M22 transmission
- Transistorized ignition
- Leather, shoulder belts, and headrests
- SS brakes and stainless exhaust
- F41 suspension
- 3.70 Positraction
- J50/J56 power special heavy duty brake system
- Tinted glass
- Rallys and original white stripe tires
- Spare jack and jack tools
- Five original tires
- Owner's manual and sales brochure
- T-3 headlights
- Documented with build sheet, tank sticker, owner history, NCRS certificate, judging sheets, and title search back to the original owner and selling dealer, Smiley Chevrolet-Olds of Milan, Missouri, dealer number 467 in zone 05.
- VIN 194379S737301

Barrett-Jackson Auction Listing - Scottsdale, AZ - January 23-31, 2013:

Lot #5042 - Of the 216 L-88 Corvettes that Chevrolet produced in 1967, 1968 and 1969 this is number 216. The last documented L-88 Corvette that General Motors ever produced. This number correct and component correct Corvette was built in the final days of the 1969 model year's production on Thursday, December 4, 1969. This car has had 2 restorations. The last one was a body-off restoration completed by Thorpe's Corvettes, Tim Thopre is a past Bloomington L-88 judge. The original owner was the Smiley family, who also owned Smiley Chevrolet-Olds Milan, Missouri. The original Corvette order copy Build Sheet is there as is a copy of the Window Sticker. This 983 Fathom Green, 421 Saddler leather trim Corvette coupe has the following documented options L-88 special purpose 427/430hp engine, transistor ignition system, A01 soft ray tinted glass, F41 special purpose suspension, G81 posi-traction axle 3.70 ratio rear, J50 power brakes, J56 special brake system and M22 Rock Crusher 4-speed transmission. If you could own any of the 216 L-88 Corvettes, what better than the last one, a piece of history that won't repeat itself.

Sold:  $280,500.00