1969 Corvette Tech Center

1969 Corvette 427 Coupe

Mechanical Changes:

  • No significant changes

Exterior Changes:

  • Stingray nameplate returned as front fender script
  • Backup lights integrated with tail lamps
  • Push-button door handle replaced with key lock
  • New paint colors:  Can-Am White, Monza Red, Riverside Gold, Fathom Green, Daytona Yellow, Cortez Silver, Burgundy, Monaco Orange

Interior Changes:

  • Steering wheel diameter reduced by one inch
  • Door panels revised to allow more shoulder room
  • Less hazardous interior handles and rubberized control knobs per federal regulations
  • Anti-theft steering column ignition switch
  • Pop-up headlight indicator light
  • Flexible map pocket on dash
  • Center console
  • All vinyl upholstery standard
  • Wiper-override switch
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