1969 Corvette Identification Numbers

A general listing of 1969 Corvette Identification Numbers including engine block, head id, casting numbers and more:

VIN Tag Information
194379S700001 - 194379S738762 (coupe)
194679S700001 - 194679S738762 (convertible)
Digit Definition
1st Division:  1 = Chevrolet
2nd / 3rd Series:  94 = Corvette
4th/5th Body Style:  37 = 2-door coupe, 67 = 2-door convertible
6th Model Year:  9 = 1969
7th Assembly Plant:  S = St. Louis, MO.
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 700001 - 738762

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
GC: 350ci, 350hp (manual transmission, transistor ignition)
GD: 350ci, 350hp (air conditioning, manual transmission, transistor ignition)
HW: 350ci, 350hp (manual transmission)
HX: 350ci, 350hp (air conditioning, manual transmission)
HY: 350ci, 300hp (manual transmission)
HZ: 350ci, 300hp (automatic transmission)
LL: 427ci, 390hp (automatic transmission)
LM: 427ci, 390hp (manual transmission)
LN: 427ci, 400hp (automatic transmission)
LO: 427ci, 430hp (L88) (manual transmission)
LP: 427ci, 435hp (aluminum heads, manual transmission)
LQ: 427ci, 400hp (manual transmission)
LR: 427ci, 435hp (manual transmission)
LT: 427ci, 435hp (heavy duty clutch, manual transmission)
LU: 427ci, 435hp (aluminum heads, heavy duty clutch, manual transmission)
LV: 427ci, 430hp (L88) (automatic transmission)
LW: 427ci, 435hp (aluminum heads, automatic transmission)
LX: 427ci, 435hp (automatic transmission)
ME: 427ci, 430hp (ZL1) (manual transmission)
MG: 427ci, 430hp (ZL1) (automatic transmission)
MH: 427ci, 390hp (manual transmission, transistor ignition)
MI: 427ci, 390hp (automatic transmission, transistor ignition)
MJ: 427ci, 400hp (automatic transmission, transistor ignition)
MK: 427ci, 400hp (manual transmission, transistor ignition)
MR: 427ci, 430hp (L88) (manual transmission)
MS: 427ci (unknown use)

Block ID Numbers
3932386, 3932388: 350ci, 300hp, 350hp
3935439: 427ci, 390hp, 400hp, 430hp, 435hp
3946052: 427ci, 430hp (ZL1)
3955270, 3963512: 427ci, 390hp, 400hp, 430hp, 435hp (late production, unknown use)
3956618, 3970010: 350ci, 300hp, 350hp

Head ID Numbers
3919840: 427ci, 435hp (iron heads)
3919842: 427ci, 435hp (aluminum heads)
3927186: 350ci, 300hp, 350hp
3927187: 350ci, 300hp
3931063: 427ci, 390hp, 400hp
3946074: 427ci, 430hp (aluminum heads)
3947041: 350ci, 300hp

Cylinder Head Casting Number:
The cylinder head casting number is usually found on top of the cylinder head in between two valves and the rocker arm studs.

Cylinder Head Casting Date:
The cylinder head casting date is usually found adjacent to the cylinder head casting number. The casting date code is an alphanumeric sequenced number. The first digit is usually a letter which specifies the month that the block was cast. Some casting dates have been found with all digits being numbers, the first of which corresponds to the month.

Cylinder Head Casting Number Month Codes (1st Digit)
A - January E - May I - September
B - February F - June J - October
C - March G - July K - November
D - April H - August L - December

Two main plants were casting Chevrolet engine parts during 1969: Flint, Michigan and Tonawanda, New York.

Example:  Flint Cylinder Head Casting Number - D 19 9

  • D:  Month = April
  • 19:  Casting Day = 19th
  • 9:  Casting Year = 1959

Example:  Tonawanda Cylinder Head Casting Number - D 19 59

  • D:  Month = April
  • 19:  Casting Day = 19th
  • 59:  Casting Year = 1959

Carburetor ID Numbers
Rochester Q-jet #7029202: 350ci, 300hp (automatic transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7029203: 350ci, 300hp (manual transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7029204: 427ci, 390hp (automatic transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7029207: 350ci, 350hp (manual transmission)
Rochester Q-jet #7029215: 427ci, 390hp (manual transmission)
Holley R3659A #3902353: 427ci, 400hp (front carburetor, rear carburetor), 435hp (front carburetor, rear carburetor)
Holley R4055-1A #3940929: 427ci, 400hp (center carburetor, manual transmission), 435hp (center carburetor)
Holley R4056-1A #3940930: 427ci, 400hp (center carburetor, automatic transmission)
Holley R4054A #3925519: 427ci, 430hp (first design)
Holley R4296A #3955205: 427ci, 430hp (second design)

Distributor ID Numbers
1111490: 350ci, 300hp
1111491: 350ci, 350hp (transistor ignition)
1111493: 350ci, 350hp
1111927: 427ci, 430hp (transistor ignition)
1111926: 427ci, 390hp, 400hp
1111928: 427ci, 435hp (transistor ignition)
1111954: 427ci, 390hp, 400hp (transistor ignition)

Alternator ID Numbers
1100825: (air conditioning and/or transistor ignition)
1100833: 427ci, 390hp, 400hp
1100859: 350ci, 300hp, 350hp
1100882: 427ci, 430hp, 435hp (transistor ignition)
1100884: 350ci, 300hp (air conditioning, unknown use)
1100900: (unknown use)

  • Seven inch, silver painted wheels were unique to the 1968 model year..
  • Unique to the 1968 model year was a special door opening system that consisted of a separate release button and a spring-loaded finger plate.
  • The side gills on the 1968 Corvette did not come with the chrome inserts which were an option on the 1969 model year.
  • This was the first year for a new cabin ventilation system called "Astro-Ventilation", windshield wipers that were hidden under a vacuum-actuated door panel at the base of the windshield, and a special fiber-optic light monitoring system.
Click for larger image Exterior Emblems:
  • Model Years:  1968 - 1969
  • Description:
    • This hood with the 427 emblem was only used with the L36, L68 and L71 427ci engine options for 1968 and 1969.
Click on picture for enlarged image. Trim Tag:
  • Description:  This contains factory ordered color and trim option codes.
  • Location:  The Trim Tag is located on the driver's door hinge pillar.