Corvette Owners Have Some of the Best Vanity Plates

If you’ve ever gone to a Corvettes at Carlisle event or any other large Corvette gathering, no doubt you’ve come to realize that Corvette owners love their vanity plates.

Out of any state in the U.S., Virginia is known for having the most vanity plates out of any other state in the union.  If you’ve ever lived there or spent any appreciable time driving there, you can barely go anywhere without seeing a vanity plate on a car.

Some of them make you scratch your head and ponder why anyone would spend the extra money for their vanity plate.  Others are just worth their price in gold!

Like the one above – there’s just no room for interpretation, and fittingly, it’s on a C7 Z06!

Take this one below:

Given how production of the 2020 and 2021 Corvette has gone in the last year, we can’t think of a more appropriate license plate for a C8 Corvette!

COVIDC8 – just says it all!

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